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Urraco thread

Discussion in 'V8 Lamborghinis' started by 1121034, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Thanks Kevin,
    found this car before in an ad which is off meanwhile, yes it's special with this black trim.

    BTW Any news from Ivor D. haven't seen him anywhere being active since a longer time.
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  3. Does anyone have the correct chassis dimensions for a P250S Urraco? Currently pulling one back, but would be essential to have the correct dimensions.

    The affected part is the front end, so front frame dimensions, fender and hood dimensions would be welcome :)

    Also, from where do people get brake+clutch master+slave rebuild kits? Been looking everywhere, but could not find a matching one.
    Even tried similar dimensions from different brands, but they were not the correct fitment.
  4. Not sure about rebuild kits but Karp and White Post refurbish them at reasonable prices.
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  5. This is not correct, it's #15784 with engine 15630...
    Had registration LU250, IEU354 and Urraco and is meanwhile back in original state.
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  7. Unfortunately the owner of 20484 passed away, the car is at my mechanic currently and has a new owner - the car will remain in Switzerland.
  8. Hello everyone, I am the new owner of the 1975 P300 Chassis 20094, Blue Notte, Serape interior. Purchased the car from DriverSource in Houston, TX via BringATrailer.com The car will reside in N. Carolina. This coming weekend 5/28- 6/01/2021 the car can be seen at the Sandhills Motoring Festival in Pinehurst, NC.

    I was previously on LamborghiniChat when I owned an '04 Gallardo. The Urraco will be my first vintage car so I'm looking forward to learning about them... and DRIVING the car!
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  10. Very very nice
    It’s beautiful
  11. Welcome fellow Urraco owner.
  12. Congratulations!

    The Urraco is a joy to drive! Nimble, agile, with a jewel of an engine... Please post some more pictures.
  13. If you can not find oem, that looks like it can be repair properly.
    This is the parts journey that all Urraco owner have to go thru. Finding most parts is painful slow.
  14. I am also working on the same seat problem. Stabilus now only makes a 10mm threaded rod and the original was 8mm. So now I am having a custom cross-shaped piece fabricated to fit the new Stabilus part. If anyone needs more information email me at hbstanton@gmail.com
  15. This is one of the Pre-Series Prototypes, most likely they did not have a Chassis-No, could even by that this one became later Urraco Bob - but not sure.
  16. I have this P250S A/C unit for sale if anyone is looking for one. Also has the condenser and dryer. All considered as in need of resto.

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  17. Hello everybody! Does anyone have a clear image of the lubrication tag that should be in the engine bay? And if so if anyone can advise me where to buy that!
    I've been searching for ages on the net, but i was pretty unfortunate...
    (sorry for the low quality image, but i didn't manage to find a better one)
    Thank you in advance!

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  18. hello Raymond…

    urraco bob chassis plate. Same silver proto used in that preproduction brochure

    all the best.

    ps I need to ask you about another urraco … I’ll pm you

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  19. Hello and welcome to the community!

    Here is a picture of mine.

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    You can find it there. It looks maybe a bit more gold in shade, but mine has also some gold reflections depending on the light, and it is 50 years old…


  20. Hi em42 and thank you for the welcoming!
    I strongly believe that this one is the tag for the Miura.
    I've found this photo in which it really looks like it, but unfortunately is from an Espada...
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  21. I am sure it is original and taken from an Urraco! It is mine.

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