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Trunk light and fuse box QV

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Spyder-Man, Feb 18, 2018.

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    My guess is someone added that fan to the relay box.

    Before they started using that metal housing for the relay/fuse box it was made of plastic( ‘85 & ‘86 model years) and sealed with a lid.

    Take a look at what mine look like before I rebuilt it. As a sidenote, before I rebuilt my fuse box I actually attached a fan to it to keep the temperature down. I was getting readings of close to 200° on the relay’s with my infrared thermometer before attaching a fan!!!!


  3. Amazing the difference. Great work! That's scary about the heat.
  4. Are those holders for glass AGU fuses. The euros stuck with the torpedo fuses for far too long.
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  6. Yes, they are. They make much better contact than the euro bullet shaped fuses. :)

  7. Jesus. What a mess! No wonder they went metal. OK, so consensus is that the fan is after market. I'v no idea if it works. I'll check it out when the car comes out to play in spring.

    Any leads on the changing of the bulb? Should be easy, but nothing simple so far!
  8. Rob will take a look at mine for you as same light so should be able to figure it out.
  9. Hi Simon, I think it will be a case of prising off the metal ring. I can’t see any other way?
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  11. Rob let me take a look tomorrow got a bit distracted tonight stripping stuff down!
  12. As and when fella. No prob.
  13. My car had the metal box,i totally rebuildt and cleaned it up, original parts where 80 s boat parts. I do know, smiley face.
  14. Simple when you know how! Well done and thanks. Was indeed a blown bulb. Now replaced and working. My thanks Simon
  15. No problem happy to help

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