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Top Lamborghini Technicians Throughout The US

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Rossocorsa1, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread sharing the names of the best Lamborghini technicians and/or service shops throughout the US, particularly those who have a deep knowledge with the older cars that the dealer service network has little experience working on. Having said that, if there are exceptional dealer service centers and specific technicians worth noting, by all means please share.
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  3. George Evans in Ohio.

    Steve at EMC in Arizona
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  4. +1 George Evans
    Steve Gleaner at Driven Exotics in Gilroy, CA
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  5. Thanks for contributing. I think this will be helpful for all owners and future owners. Keep the names coming.
  6. Stopped in the dealership one time with mine- all the mechanics came out to take a look because not one of them had ever seen a Countach before!!! So even though they are straight forward cars to work on, don’t ever let a dealership work on it imo.
    (insert your ONE awesome dealership story of profound knowledge here to prove an exception)
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  8. I guess that isn’t surprising. I’m fairness, dealerships aren’t really in the business of taking care of vintage cars and the young technicians aren’t equipped to do so, hence why this thread can prove valuable to many.

    So, where do you service your car? Please contribute.
  9. I have little doubt that George Evans is phenomenal, but I’m sure there are many other qualified technicians throughout the country. Would love to see more names in the northeast, northwest, Texas and Florida.
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  10. it’s a DD so no electronics so I service it myself- it doesn’t need anything, just oil and coolant changes and brake pads- and that stuff is the same as any other car. I changed spark plugs and ignition wires once in 11 years. It’s actually the easiest car I have to “work on” LOL. If it ever needs anything more I will talk to a few small Indy shops the local F car guys like (old school F cars) or would ship it to Evans. Be aware though, when people say “Evans”, they mean Mike Dillon.. Mike was the guy that did all the Countach work there and over 35 years rebuilt about 50 of these engines along with EVERYTHING else.. very knowledgeable guy. If he is retired by now then someone would have to re evaluate.
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  12. Generally ken qv is right, dealerships are focused on contemporary Lamborghinis and not the classics.

    One exception to this is my local dealer Lamborghini Newport Beach whose GM is an ex-Sant Agata man.

    They have a tech that has worked on classic Lamborghinis for 30 plus years and they've done some 350 GT, Miura S and Countach LP400S work for clients of mine, and I know they service a fair number of Diablos also.

    For specialist work on everything from a service to total award-winning restorations, these days I use Chris Dugan

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  13. is there a northeast type dugan?
  14. Will Degroot at Exoticars-USA in Frenchtown NJ and Chad Bolles in South Carolina are two names that were recommended to me before.
  15. Northwest - Enrico Teni of Valtellina Automobili, he truly knows the Countach inside and out.

    You'll see a few different Countach examples from recent years in the blog, including ours from when we were working together.
  16. Will DeGroot? Better ask Peter K and northeast guys about that recommendation.. someone told me he cut a few countach frames to save time on doing the clutch job! Ridiculous if true because with a lift and gantry type engine hoist its not that bad of a job.. watched 2 guys at a shop do it in about 4 hours.
  17. Wowzer! Bradan has been good with my 2 bulls.

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  18. +1 for Steve Gleaner at Driven Exotics in Gilroy, CA
  19. That's a new one. I have never heard of them, or anyone, cutting a frame for access to a clutch. Cutting a bar out and rewelding it back in......have to think about that one. If so, maybe there is a reason as I know Wil would never let his employees do that as short cut. I am wondering if it was requested by the customer to save money or doing other work aka restoration work. If true, would love to know why, if there is a good reason.
    I may check with him on that.
  20. I have heard good things about Wil. I also reached out to him a couple months ago to establish a connection for when I do find my car. Still, I can’t say that I’ve ever used his services.

    Would love to hear of other good Lamborghini techs in the northeast.
  21. Steve (dont remember his last name) in Ft Lauderdale. Did some work on my91Diablo. Good timely job. Not shure if he is still there. I did see a post reg his brown lp400 periscope car on this site. Chime inn if anybody knows
  22. In the northeast I would look to Classic Coach in Elizabeth, NJ..... I think the finished product is on par with Dugan. When our car gets back from Dugan they will be taking care of the car going forward to save on shipping cost. Sorry Chris!! I’ve seen them correct some other people’s work on a freshly restored Miura recently btw....... Although Ferrari is their main Gig they proudly display a Miura engine in the front of the shop. Owner loves them and actually owns two of them. They do diablos, gallardos but obsess over vintage stuff.

    Look them up, they are a different league than anyone mentioned in the northeast above. Not even close.

    Otherwise Dugan really is the one who does things perfectly. He’s young, and actually cares and loves what he does. That’s tough to find.
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  23. Thanks for the tip. Is there someone in particular there that knows Lamborghini’s particularly well, specifically Countach downdrafts? Please share your main contacts, if you don’t mind. Thanks.
  24. Anyone in Texas?
  25. "Classic Coach" is a pretty popular name.. any link?
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  27. Classic Coach is owned by Onofrio Triarsi who also owns Ferrari of Tampa Bay and Ferrari of Central Florida. They have been around a bit so easy to get opinions on them if you ask around.

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