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The guide of the 83-85 2 valves factory approved injected Countaches

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Countachqv, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. These are cool screen shots. I went back to see if indeed the marking is limited to 85 but I did not find that.
    I got pictures of pre-85 engines that show the "lamborghini" marking as well. Some 84 do have the 85 bumpers too.
    I found the markings on but may not be limited to:
    ELA12711 (I saw that car in the flesh from Steve Waldie)

    The fuel injected parts are clearly in the manual. Could it be that the factory had them made and they were shipped with the cars pre-85 ?
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  3. If my memory serves me correct FLA12752 was for sale in GA in 2008/2009.

    I gave it some thought and ended up with a carb car.
  4. The engine was engulfed in flames as the driver pulled over, so it may have been difficult to pin point the exact failure. However the owner at the time believed an oil line ruptured and caused the fire.

    Cheers Jim
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    the car was on eBay in 2007 from CA by the sport's car company. Looked like a clean car except a very funny set of exhaust

    I am not sure it it was in GA in 2009. If you have this info let us know the details.

    It was maintained by Bobileff for quite a while from what I understand. I think he sold it multiple times during the car's life.
    I wished I could post pictures but it seems I have no more room and I cant removed very old stuff I posted before.

    EDIT: You are thinking of the last FI 2V ZA9000500FLA12794 this car was in GA in 07-08, for sale same color combo.
  6. and I thought only car carb were susceptible to burn...
    Another question the vin being E with a serial 12784 that is amongst 1985, would you have the manufacturing date? It should be between 11/84 and 1/85.
    FLA12774 (carb) was made on 11/84 and FLA12794 on 1/85. I have proof of that.

    If the date is earlier than that, then the E reflects that the car was held up somewhere in the factory and the E, not the serial , reflects the actual build date and the sequence could reflect the final completion?. I never undestood the process for some cars being out of sequence like that.
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  8. That was my thought. Why would Lambo put all those items in the parts manual if it was a dealer installed add on.
  9. Got it, great to have this clarified.
  10. The photo of the sticker with the VIN number on it shows a manufacture date of 1?/85, but it is a little hard to read. However since the sticker is a US compliance sticker it may reflect the date the car was converted to US specs and not the date the car was built at Lamborghini. Legally the E means the car was built to conform to the laws in place for the 1984 model year.

    Cheers Jim

  11. Raymond come to think about it you are correct.

    I now recall the debate whether or not it was the last 2v car but if you look at the registry it seems like there's one maybe 2 that were built after 12794 before they went to the QV.
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  13. My dad worked closely with Joe Nastasi during the 1980s while he had his service and sales facility in Palm Beach, Florida.

    He claims that many importers, even authorized dealers were buying factory parts and converting the cars with factory parts during a EPA/DOT process. THUS the reasoning for earlier ELA cars to have factory FLA parts.
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    To make things even more confusing is that the factory used 2 different front bumper setups on FLA cars.

    1. Bumper with front lenses and lights on the "bumper extension" - These bumpers actually had a unique front hood.

    2. Bumper with front lights on the lower front spoiler.

    3. Bumper with front lenses and lights on the "bumper extension" - with standard front hood.
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  15. if you have 85 as the year then it has to be 1/85. So the serial chassis sequence correspond to the date and thus probably the build date. But E may refer to to the law conformity. that may explain some oddities in many countach sequencing.

    The serial mumbers have always been matching the build date sequence from my observations. But the Leading letter, not always.

    I'd love to hear from someone who could weight on the concensus.
  16. Hey Raymond (or Joe), what can you tell me about mine other than what I know? 715

    The guesstimate birth date on mine is between May 4th to May 15th

    It landed in Dallas TX on June 22nd 1984.

    I'm not sure how many days after the car is complete til it's ready to put on a plane and shipped to the US. Mine came to the US on a cargo plane.

    I'm curious as to when Alberto's was built his is 708 should be late Feb to mid March 84'?
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    @JT you mentioned your dad serviced these cars in Palm Beach.

    I grew up in West Palm. The only service station in Palm Beach was that old gas station close to the police station. It was the one that was always full of old Rolls & MB's.

    The other guy that used to service Lambo's back in the mid to late 80's I forget his name I think it was Tony he was on Dixie close to the carefree theater. Right across the street from the cemetery on Dixie.

    I remember those days like it was yesterday, he had a green Miura with gold wheels that I fell in love with when I was maybe 16-17 years old.

    I also recall during that time frame "FLA12766,1985, burgandy/red, the infamous car" was at a body shop on Georgia Ave getting a color change this was probably in 86'-87.

    I would go there in my 914-6 every day after school (I went to Forest Hill) just to look at the progress.

    At the time about 28 or so years ago I thought that Burgundy color was bitcch'n but boy what a big mistake that was, the car was lucky to get 75k on eBay and I pushed it up a few thousand to get it there.

    Also JT you seem to know quite a few old cats in PB, I plan on taking my CT to FL so my dad and I can work on it together. Do you know of any really old cats that can properly tune up the webers when my father and I are done doing what we're going to do?

    I was hoping that Hans was still in business, but I heard his business tanked when the economy tanked.

    There's only 2 maybe three people on this planet that I would trust touching any of my cars and they are all in their 70's one being my father.

    I'm going to have Tom Mangs from Audio Advisors redo all my NOS period correct Alpine stuff on the CT when I'm over there another reason why I'm taking my CT to FL.

    Tom has done many of my cars exactly the way I want over the last 25+ years. I simply do not trust punk kids touching anything.

    PM me with any info. Thanks.
  18. I always used to see a few Lambos at the place on Dixie across from the cemetery during my visits. I distinctly remember a sad looking green Espada on one trip and a black CT being backed up, with the door raised and the driver on the sill, in the pouring rain. As I recall the building had a clock up by the roof.

    The service station in near downtown WPB was Forman Motors I believe.

  19. The good ol' days.

    If it wasn't for my parents living there I wouldn't even want to see that place in pictures.

    That's how much I hate going home.

    WPB went down hill in the late 90's that's why I left and never looked back.

    Every time I go there and take one of my cars to enjoy driving around Palm Beach, it seems like the entire neighborhood I grew up stops what they are doing and act like some type of rock star is at my dad's house.

    One of my dad's neighbors always rubs it in my dad's face that one of my cars could have bought the entire block when the houses were new in the mid 70's.

    It gives me a very uncomfortable feeling having people come over to my dad's house just to checkout the dang car(s).

    Ever since I was a teen I've had this attitude it's a damn car with 4 tires get over it already.

    I used to get crap about my 914-6 GT all the time when I was in my late teens.

    In Vegas I'm just you're average Joe with several cool cars.

    Everyone in Vegas has exotics and can give a rat's ass how expensive your car is as there's always one more expensive than the next guy.
  20. good question. are you sure it was made in May ? Igot the pict of 711 before you and the plate says 7/84. I'll shoot you the pict private soyoucan post it. For some reason I cannot post pictures.
  21. I think one of the places you are talking about was Hubert Phipps (of Phipps Steel family.) He had a few Countach's and 2 Miura SV's at one point. He had a small dealership.

    My dad serviced all of his cars. I have a picture from 91/92 where there were about 8-10 Countach's at my dads place. I will find it!

    Including 3 owned by a 28 year old blonde.

    His facility was called Medical Center Garage and located in North Palm Beach.

    I will PM you my contact info for when you are here. You have to come by and see my dads collection!
  22. I wonder if that 28 year old blonde aged as well as her cars.

    I recall a youngish blonde that had a countach and a 928 she raced around palm beach, if my memory serves me correct her name was Mary.

  23. My import papers show that the car was imported into Dallas on June 22nd 1984. So it would be impossible for my build date to be in July when the car was already in the US.

    I have all the customs + DOT/EPA papers to mine. My DOT/EPA papers show that the car was in Calif from August 6th thru the 24th 1984.

    I'm assuming it was born sometime in early May to maybe the 3rd week of May and left Italy either June 21st or 22nd. or? Maybe born sometime within the first 2 weeks in June and rushed to the US by the 22nd? I don't think cars that were made back in 84' moved out of the factory all that fast.

    I'm also assuming the process from the final date of completion + testing to the actual import/export date would take at least 2-3 weeks for the paperwork and or payment to clear the proper channels. That's why I'm putting the time frame for my car sometime in early to mid May as a birth date.

    My entry date is June 22nd 1984. I have the customs entry number and all so there's no mistaking the actual date it arrived in Dallas on June 22nd 1984. (DFW)
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    Since we are shy for some pictures here, I am posting some pictures of DLA12596 that was on sale in the US some years ago to document some of the claims.

    This 83 car has an "factory" style injected stamped cover. The injection system does not seem very "factory" however with some adds on. Not sure which part came first in this car.
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  26. FLA12763 was a factory 2 Valve car. Pretty sure this was boxer Tommy "Hitman" Hearns car. It spent a few years in Florida.

  27. I very much believe this intake/plenum is OEM factory Lamborghini.
    Since it has the "Lamborghini" lettering on it.
    Or were these made and fitted in the US, after import?

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