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Strange crank

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Chadbourn Bolles, Nov 11, 2021.

  1. Anybody ever seen a Lamborghini crank like this. It is not an early Espada/Jarma or any year 4 ltr Countach crank. See the pics each journal on each side has a allen head plug that can be remove to clean the oil reservoir. Also note the nose, that gear is suppose to be used on the early Espada crank, But it also uses a spacer, which as you can see is not used here. ALL the Countach cranks all the way to the last of the 25th cars us a part number ending in 354, not this crank, and it is from an early LP400 Countach.

    All I can surmise is this crank is a one off made by or for Lamborghini, as in around 34 years of working on these engines, I have never see this before
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  3. Long lost LP500 crank???
  5. From the prototype? Well, we HAVE been talking about that crashed car for many months now.............
  6. That is what triggered the thought. I know it is a little less likely than winning the lottery, but I know I would double check the stroke.

    Cheers Jim
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  8. The LP500 engine was 85 X 73 the LP400 and all 4 ltr engines are 82 X 62 bore and stroke. So for sure this strange crank is not from LP500, but where did
    it come from, Like said in around 34 years of working on Lamborghini V12 engines this is the first I have ever seen a crank like this.
  9. You might want to let everyone know which car you are working on. Possibly someone might have more info based on that.
  10. Maybe it was custom made by a group like Moldex crankshafts?
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