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Silhouette thread

Discussion in 'V8 Lamborghinis' started by kc023515, Aug 26, 2010.

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  3. Yup, I'm guessing he had to do it to keep the plate active.
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  5. does anyone knows how the toolkit for Silhoutte looks like? possible to see some pics?
  6. I would like to replace my wheel bearings on my Silly. Lamborghini has outrageous prices for them. Does anyone have a different source or cross reference part number that would work from a different car?
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    I would investigate a little further before calling it a replacement. The first listed on eBay, which states it is not a Lamborghini #, has a cross reference number of 615645. The add does not state that it fits a Silhouette, however does fit about everything else v8 Lamborghini, which I am guessing was just an omission. A bit of a rabbit hole, but might be worth a look. The second was a bearing I found with the cross reference.
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  9. thank you very much for the info, I will look into it right away!
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