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Silhouette thread

Discussion in 'V8 Lamborghinis' started by kc023515, Aug 26, 2010.

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  3. Yup, I'm guessing he had to do it to keep the plate active.
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  5. does anyone knows how the toolkit for Silhoutte looks like? possible to see some pics?
  6. I would like to replace my wheel bearings on my Silly. Lamborghini has outrageous prices for them. Does anyone have a different source or cross reference part number that would work from a different car?
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    I would investigate a little further before calling it a replacement. The first listed on eBay, which states it is not a Lamborghini #, has a cross reference number of 615645. The add does not state that it fits a Silhouette, however does fit about everything else v8 Lamborghini, which I am guessing was just an omission. A bit of a rabbit hole, but might be worth a look. The second was a bearing I found with the cross reference.
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  10. thank you very much for the info, I will look into it right away!
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  12. Amazing pictures!! Any of these for sale?
  13. Sorry not mine
  14. Not that I know of.

  15. What's your budget ?

    The last one promoted in Germany was a RHD that sold for 260.000 € if I'm correct while the 2nd car - white prototype that I sold in 2020 even went for much more than that + a partial restoration at Iain Tyrrell...
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  16. Wow, what an increase, the last ones I remembered were around 40-45k and nobody wanted them!

  17. that's for sure 20 years ago Raymond... even back in 2014 when I sold my 1st Silhouette, it went for 85.000 €...
  18. Sure it is, but it demonstrates that these cars were around for decades without getting attention... with only 52 built like the CT S1
  19. 20 years ago you could get an Urraco for 25.000 € and now you have to pay 80 to 100.000 €

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