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SE 30 thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by kane00, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. SE30 #112, my personal car! I was shocked to see he posted this car today. He has great taste! ; ) Photo by Zach Brehl
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  3. Wow.. well I am happy to have learned something new then about these as I truly had been misunderstanding their history. Thank you gentlemen
  4. It's even more famous now!

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  7. I believe there were about 35 - 40 in Purple 30 - quite a few in red, black, silver and white and several one-off colors. Maybe some can chime in with precise numbers?
  8. We have the factory records! Will publish very soon. : ) You are very close.
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  10. I am a huge fan of the SE30. Thank you John for keeping records of vintage Lamborghini's. The community is lucky to have you! As time goes on more and more people will come back to old school Lambo's.
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  11. id like to see the one offs
  12. Only guy I know of that maybe had an SE30 or Jota, was a Scottish guy related to the design of the original GTA game and lemmings game I’m sure. I’m 80% sure he had a lilac one back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s
  13. Just watched 60 mins Australia episode on YouTube regarding the corrupt African tyrant. At around 4:50, it’s shows his son splashing the cash and diving a white SE30. Video I think was some time ago
  14. Apparently if you watch the video and see his hair waving in the Diablo - it's because it had no windscreen. His original SE30 that was supposed to be in the video was crashed by a friend, he bought that second one, ordered that nobody was to drive it, and when he arrived to film it had a cracked windscreen that nobody would own up to. Ended up taking the windscreen out, and completing the video.
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  15. Someone involved with JKs cars says the following is the actual story of Jay Kay and his SE30s.

    Kay purchased an SE30 in the UK which a friend crashed badly in London, that car was written-off and parted out.

    With the shoot of his Cosmic Girl imminent, Kay needed to find a replacement for the crashed car and he did, my colleague Sheikh Amari sold him 142/150 just in time for the cars to be transported to Southern Spain for the shoot of the video. Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason allowed his F40 78122 to be used for the shoot, that's his famed car in the video.

    In the video you can see that the SE30 does in fact have a windscreen in some of the scenes, however was damaged when one of the camera suction cups failed at speed and the windscreen was badly cracked, so they had no choice but to have it removed and continue shooting, that's why there is no windscreen in some of the footage.
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