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Restoration Photos: Auto Italia

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Tony Ierardi, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Yes, although I'm sure Tony will agree with my suggestion that the front of this car is a little low even for a Lowbody, and this observation is simply by the naked eye.

    Lowbodies indeed have the seminal stance for post-LP400 Countach, I think. Just fabulous.
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  3. Yes what kind of numbers please.
  4. LM002 running drums!!!! never knew that one.

    how come that sounds scary?

    astonishing thread.
  5. Fronts are discs and rears are drums. Drums are preferred to discs for many off road applications as disc brakes are more likely to get small rocks and hard foreign matter wedged in the gap between disc and pad damaging both and sometimes seizing the assembly. I think they used the combination to get best of both worlds, like good high speed braking from the fronts and serious offroading out of the rears. Many full size 4x4 pickups still use that same combination.
  6. Is this the original factory colour after restoration?
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  8. Sorry for the delay, I was out of town for a few days.

    The LM...woofff!

    A long time, 10 times the parts and fittings of a normal car and unlike a Countach which I can just about look at a part and tell you what it is...on the LM not so easy. Every part is huge and weighs a ton and the parts are hard to find and very expensive.
  9. When I got the car it had spacers all around, its a bit lower than stock S2
  10. We did not do a max HP run, we were only tuning and dialing in the carbs.
  11. the LM is certainly nice...but d*mn, just to change the engine oil filter!!! looks like a bullet couldn't reach it tucked back in there LOL

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    Thanks John :)

    Your LM was behind where I was standing waiting on some parts, here is a picture with your LM and two Downdrafts all with engines out.
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  14. Yes the factory colors of 1121112 were Black/Tan.

    When Ron Rice owned the car he had the worn interior redone in a color of his liking, Burgundy/black.

    We restored it back to factory original the same that appeared in the movie.
  15. Has anybody worked out if engines spend more time installed in a Lamborghini or out of them?

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  17. Where are you sourcing your gaskets? I need new ones all they way around but doors are a must currently!
    Part#007090005 Profilato in gomma - Door / Bonnet / Engine / Boot
  18. thread is dead since 7 years
  19. And with good reason I suspect..........
  20. You might try to find the following supplier in Italy:

    Cicognani s.r.l.
  21. "Cicognani s.r.l"

    Yes, everything I need, thanks!

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