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QV Fi 87 HLA12144 Full Restoration

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by DaniT, Jan 2, 2016.

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  2. Injection system

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  3. I really like that you choose to leave the block the original color instead of painting silver.
  4. Beautiful work Daniel. One of these days I need to rebuild my Bosch K-Jetronic system. Not sure if you have this information or not, but there is a Ferrari place called “Unobtainium” where I bought the polyamide fuel injection line. Its an odd size, but this place carries it since the same system is used on Ferrari, Porsche, etc..

    They have a PDF catalog on their site, the fuel line starts on page 25. Comes in 5mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes. You can also get it with the braided stainless steel sleaves. They even have a barb insertion tool (a little pricey at $97), but looks like you made your own and it works fine. :)


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  6. Looks great. I would recommend against using the slotted ring nut on the crank pulley though. They are very difficult to remove later if needed with the engine installed plus much stronger, conventional hex head nuts are available.
  7. I do not like the look of painted engine parts. If the factory would have painted them I would do it too.
    We are using a parts cleaning machine that washes the parts with a special cleaning solution at temperature. The process has to be repeated more times to achieve the original finish of the casting parts.
    Parts that were bead blasted were afterwards barrel finished.
  8. Thank you for this information. I did not know this source.
  9. Thank you for this information.
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  12. progress on engine assembly

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  13. Thank you!
    I build this car for a friend and it will be imported to Switzerland. For the Swiss homologazion I have to pass noise meassuring. Therefore the headers will at this moment not be changed. But later...
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  14. Danti

    Even though you are only testing things at this point I want to point out that I believe you have installed your air ducting backwards.
    The main bosch distribution units that supplies fuel to the left bank is suppling intake air to the right bank and visa versa.
    This could very well create a problem with the air fuel mixture that the units are suppling to the engine, as each one is monitoring the opposite intake of the engine relative to the fuel delivery.

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  15. Something just is not making sense to me here as I know the fuel injection lines are supposed to crossover one another as shown in the picture below.

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  17. Correct, there is a decal on the engine bay hatch reminding technicians of that. Here is a snapshot from the USA owners manual.

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  18. You are sharp eyed! Thank you for your comment. We were correcting the routing of the fuel lines during the engine tests.
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  19. Thanks, just trying to help out.

    When something doesn't look quite right it is best to point it out.

    For the most part that is why we are all here, just a whole bunch of Countach enthusiasts trying to help one another out with our dream.
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