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Parts that Lamborghini DOES NOT MAKE

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Chadbourn Bolles, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. First talking to shop yesterday, they paid around $89.00 for a Countach oil filter. EVERYBODY Lamborghini
    DOES NOT make oil filters. The filters are made by companies like BOSCH, FRAM, PUROLATOR, HASTINGS, etc, etc. You can find a filter at places like Auto Zone, etc, etc. usually around $20.00
    This filter also fits ALL the Diablo and US Spec LM002. So it is up to you if you want to pay $89.00 for a filter.

    NEXT, NO roller/ball bearing on the Countach is made by Lamborghini. The bearings are made by SKF, BOWER, BCA, etc etc.. For instance a rear wheel bearing I needed several years ago was Lamborghini priced around $300.00 I found it around $80.00.

    Brake pads BMW 5 ,6, 7 series 1976-1982 FRONT PADS ONLY AUTO ZONE around $20.00 unless you are tracking your car, they are more than adequate.
    Need caliper BMW FRONT ONLY 5,6,7 series car 1976-1982. The front caliper will work on the rear of the Countach. The caliper will also work in the front of the Countach IF, read IF you take the spacer from your original front caliper and put it in the BMW front caliper.

    This is just part, I will try to up date this often, when I think of other parts.
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  3. Chad a few that I am aware of, engine mounts Fiat 124/131, Clutch plate 5000s same as an old Alpina B7 (from memory E12) made by sachs, inner lower front suspension joint Alfa 105, washer bottle assy for 5000s Jaguar E type,
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  4. Simon, Every little bit helps.
    A/C compressor a Sanden SD508 you can find them at places like Auto Zone, etc, etc. I find them on Ebay. never paid more than $200.00. You just have to know what you are buying as lots of them have the serpentine belt pully, and "O" ring fittings. Since I was replacing my hoses, I converted everything to the "O" ring fitting. Much easier to work with.
  5. The push switches are from an Innocenti/DeTomaso Mille - you can still find NOS parts occasionally on ebay, Column switches are Lucas various variations to cover each model, for anyone rebuilding an engine in the UK, Westwood now have brand new liners to cover all models, tail lights from an Alfa Romeo Alfetta.

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