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Countach Official Countach Rally Thread and Photos!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by SupercarGuru, Aug 20, 2021.

  1. Thank you. You’ve been living the dream much longer than I have, but it’s very exciting. I’ll PM you my cell.
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  3. Rossocorsa1's Countach is a pretty amazing story, through and through.
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  4. Watched all photos and videos, fantastic event! Working on my first Countach still. See you at the 55 years Rally?
  5. Thank you for the kind words. It was a great week. Wonderful seeing all these amazing Countach’s gathered, regardless of the variant.
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  8. If the owner of this stunning S1 car, or if someone knows how I can connect with the owner, please PM me. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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  9. @Rossocorsa1 - I believe this is the person you seek :)
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  10. Thank you very much.
  11. Brian - just sent you a PM.
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  13. Brian's Rame Colorado LP400S 1121214 is indeed stunning, but's an S2.
  14. Replied to your PM.
    My car is an S2 as Joe stated. I had to run my Bravo wheels during the rally as my new P7's did not get mounted on my original S2 wheels in time.
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  15. Got it. That explains it. Thank you.
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    Howdy USA!

    I'm still flabbergasted about that amazing Countach Rally event you guys had, thanks to John and his crew!
    Unfortunately it was not possible for me to be there, but all the pictures and movies I have seen really helped to ease the pain..
    Now as a Countach lover and keeper of the I have been trying to find out which cars took part.
    Here is what I have so far, from old to new:

    01. 1121214 LP400 S Series 2 Rame Colorado
    02. 1121252 LP400 S Series 2 Argento
    03. 1121260 LP400S2 black not ready for rally..
    04. 1121302 LP400 S Series 3 Rosso
    05. 1121308 LP400 S Series 3 Rosso
    06. 1121314 LP400 S Series 3 Bianco
    07. 1121384 LP400 S Series 3 Rosso
    08. GLA12947 QV 85 triple white KIWI V12
    09. ?LA12??? QV FI triple bianco 59A JVJ
    10. ?LA12??? QV FI triple bianco PET WOLF
    11. JLA12263 QV FI Bianco PURBULL
    12. JLA12210 QV Nero CARBD
    13. GLA12028 QV FI bianco-red PK131M (Thanks Ken)
    14. ?LA12??? QV FI Nero-Panna 783 8 maybe HLA12146?
    15. FLA12849 QV FI Al Burtoni
    16. KLA12939 25th Anniversary rosso-champ UK
    17. LLA12023 25th Anniversary FI rosso-bianco GNI H71
    18. KLA12586 25th Anniversary FI rosso-bianco DRMBULL (Thanks Ken)
    19. ?LA12??? 25th Anniversary FI bianco-nero BVQ H03
    20. KLA12947 25th Anniversary FI bianco perlato-rosso DUMBEST (Thanks Ken)
    21. ?LA12??? 25th Anniversary FI nero-panna HGV-K28
    22. ?LA12??? 25th Anniversary FI nero Valentino GLS 9384

    A few of these cars already have been updated with pics of this event at the Register,
    but for Countach history, I would love to know some missing numbers in red.
    Any corrections / additions appreciated!

    Grazie mille!
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  17. My car, 12210, the last letter is actually a “D”
    Tyler just sent me his.. his pearl car is KLA 12547(which I may have a little history on, I need to check)
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    So CARBD, logic, got it!
    So the pearl white car is the ex-Bellagio Motors car, later owned by Armen A. in California. It also lived with a Ferrari Enzo, and several Diablos, correct?
    Here it is in 3rd position ;-)
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  20. DRMBULL it is, thanks! That is the car that was once in the Volo Museum: Joe Sackey Sept 2018: KLA12586 Volo Auto museum, (most cars on display are for sale,not shure reg the Countach,) pretty cool place in Volo, 45 min north west of Chicago. Red car ,white interior,personally never seen this combo on the Annive. Claimed low miles.
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  21. That car was for sale by Bonhams, Greenwich Concours d'Elegance Auction 3 Jun 2018, Lot 191.
    Still with USA safety bumpers at that time, but as we can see, the car now has those removed, and it looks really great!
    This is a picture I found, taken by Aimee Shackelford.

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  22. This car. Shot this picture there in 2018. Also surprised by the white int in a red Anniversary
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