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Discussion in 'V10 Lamborghinis' started by Tally Ho, Jun 22, 2022.

  1. Looking to purchase a pre-owned Huracan sometime this year. The car will see street use only. I've driven a 610-4 on the track and the car felt great. My question is for street use which is the better car - the 580-2 or the 610-4. Not looking for a Performante or EVO. Looking at 2015 thru 2018. Also on the fence on whether I should get a coupe or spider. The cloth top is a concern. I live in Florida so the car could see rain hence the appeal of AWD.

    I own Corvettes (2006 conv. and 2017 Z06 coupe). I also had two years with a 2007 Ferrari F430 and a Jaguar F Type R. I had been set on getting a McLaren but some of the reliability issues I've read and not having a McLaren tech anywhere near me has me looking at the Huracan a lot closer.

    Sorry for the long first post but I figured I could get good info here. Thanks.
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