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Miura, the original supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. For those interested in, this Miura SV is #4852.
    And concerning the ''P500'' script at its rear, I've no idea at all of the story...
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  3. another pic of #4852... no more fantasy P500...

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  4. Did you see the Miura parts for sale yesterday evening on FB:) I would love to buy the bunch, but don´t have the means:( Whoever will be the lucky one, please get in touch, I would be very happy to buy some missing parts on my project car!

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  5. Today, I’m wishing a Happy Birthday to Engineer Giampaolo Dallara for his 85 years anniversary….

    One of the 3 pioneers of early days and co father of the Miura…

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  6. Does anyone know if the book is publicly available as yet? I registered my interest and got a very polite message back a couple
    of months back saying I’d get a payment link, but I still haven’t seen it (the link that is nor therefore the book ). Thanks.
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  8. A new worldwide record for a Miura P400, this is #3645 sold for $2,300,000 at hammer, last lot of the Silverstone auction at Riyad, probably the best place to sell a car...

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  9. Rightly so as the early original variant of the Miura is finally being respected.

    Just in time for the ex-Briggs Cunningham P400 3249 which is coming to the market soon, stay tuned.

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  10. For those wondering who Briggs Cunningham is:



    Besides the Le Mans participation, he skippered his yacht Columbia to victory in the 1958 America's Cup race.

    An American Sportsman, he took delivery of his brand new 3249 via Bob Estes Lamborghini in Los Angeles and kept it at his California-based museum for many years.

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  12. Where is it now ?
  13. Belleuve, Wa.
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  14. you meant Bellevue - WA ?
  15. It's in Jon Shirley's extensive collection including 250 GTO and many other interesting car's besides.
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  16. Another shot.

    Yep. Sorry about the spelling. Its actually Medina, Wa (a small suburb of Bellevue).


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