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Miura, the original supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. My guess is it was repainted. If it's a very early car the trunk lock should be black, and there should be no "Lamborghini" logo on the back and the sills and wheels should be silver. Steering wheel should not have rivets on rim. Louvers are out of shape and it has "S" exhaust tips.
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    Gold wheels and sills look out of place on an early car too.. Nice photo of a restored example.
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  4. Not only driving a Miura, but one of the 4x Miura SV-J #4860... enjoy the V12 music....

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  5. The final in-period factory SVJ, the best of the bunch with tuned engine and 110-liter fuel tank.
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  6. Captivating video by SK about SV-J #5090.

    it is just too sad the PDF sale brochure about it is still mentioning the error of 3x Miura SV-J made by factory while we all know they were 4x SV-J during period Miura production, ended in 1973...

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  9. Pay no attention, anyone who cares about classic Lamborghinis knows by now that certain people routinely re-write history to suit themselves, just because a claim is made doesn't mean it has any bearing on reality, meanwhile there are always others who can & will set the record straight.

    That is awesome, we need more images, and perhaps a short film ;)
  10. I think that can be arranged...let me work on it. :D
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    This car was present in 2003 at the factory with the german owner with these plates, I never heard of a finnish ownership, but also don't know the history before the german owner who was then a real enthusiast. BTW the owner is the one behind the rear end of the car with the brown veste.

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  14. Thanks Raymond, will forward the pictures you posted to to the former owner.

    The white car was in for a service around 10 years ago at a known shop in Finland. It should still be around
  15. Car was bought in Italy with these wheels and steering wheel. Times change, maybe the original ones would be the way to go nowdays
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  16. Has the Polo Storico restoration of the ex Eddie Van Halen Miura P400S #4701 been completed, and if so are there any pictures of it?
  17. Not completed yet. The factory will be making an announcement and update very soon! : )
  18. Thank you.
  19. Absolutely.
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  21. Does anyone known if Miura SV 4820 ever appeared in a car magazine? The car was new to the UK in RHD in silver, then was converted to LHD in about 1982 and repainted orange then lived in the US. Has it appeared in a car magazine ever does anyone know? Many thanks. Robert
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  22. If I remember right, no one knows the chassis number of the destroyed Miura in the "Italian Job"? Any rumors also appreciated

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