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Miura, the original supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. 100% correct!
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  3. Hi Guys,
    I stumbled on this video and the colour has me intrigued, Galileo solu?
  4. It's P400 chassis #3592. Original colour Giallo Miura.
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  5. Your a gentleman thank you very much.

  6. To make you understand, the color in video is "Giallo"

    and #3592 was different colour with "Giallo Miura", which means this color, to illustrate here is #4401

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  8. #19682 joe sackey, Apr 17, 2021
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    I was in Mexico for a while without great connectivity so I've saved my comments about the original finish of SV headlight surrounds till now that I'm back in California.

    Just because one is familiar with P400s or P400Ss does not mean one is familiar with the finish of SVs, the factory were always making changes in finish as production went along, anyone who has studied Miuras as a whole ought to know this.

    Also, spotting an SV here or there is quite different from actually owning an SV, 2 of the 5 SVs I have owned in the past were very original SV, so I can speak to this with some authority.

    The headlight surround paint was not matte, or any variation of matte, it was between satin and gloss, in fact it was more gloss than satin to begin with.

    There is a tendency in Lamborghiniland for certain people to rewrite history and make up new rules as they go along to suit their standing or agenda, meanwhile owning an original SV and being able to study and photo-document it over time is very different from spotting one on a dark street behind a dodgy discotheque.

    Here's 4968 when it was totally original (complete with cracked paint and road rash) from many years ago when it was in my garage, compared with the ex-General Motors P400, the headlight surround paint was between satin and gloss, not matte.

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    One of the most original SVs is Richard L's 4986, owned by the family since 1974, never painted, he checked the headlight surrounds, they are still satin - gloss.

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    In recent times, the super-original and award-winning 4904 as shown at Pebble Beach and Villa D'Este in preservation classes underscores how SVs were originally finished, ditto the bumpers.

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  14. FWIW - the reason they went with a satin - gloss finish is because unlike the 'eyelashes' of the earlier cars, the headlight surrounds of the SV were a smooth finish bordering the paintwork so it made sense for their finish to be close to that of the car's overall paintwork, as a certain renowned restorer of Italian Classic Cars tells me.
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  16. That’s my former car 3150. Restored by Jon Gunderson and Chris Dugan. I sold it in 2019, I believe it may have recently sold again overseas?
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  17. Ditto - "That's my former car 3150."
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  18. Joe,
    You are right again
    and nice and polite as always.

    I have not been nearer owning a SV than the SV-bonnet I bought of mistake for my first P400. Only to realize that the SV-bonnet was 30 mm wider over the edges.
    Image Unavailable, Please Login

    This is probably the most original SV I ever examined. Original black paint around the lamps, on the door louvres and b-post air intake. Glossy?
    Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login
    Kind regards
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  19. This is 5102, I wouldn't use those images of it as proof of anything, their acute angle in harsh sunlight doesn't clearly show the texture of the finish.

    Here is another image of the very same 5102 in better lighting from a definitive angle, the point is, the original finish was not matte by any stretch, it was between satin and gloss.

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  20. Joe,

    You are probably right again?

    At our body/paint shop we used the sharpest light when preparing the cars for painting. But to get right amount of matte paste to come right on the gloss meter scale or to tint the paint to look as original as possible we used special “day light lamps”. Why?

    When were you at Cremonini to examine #5102 and take the photo?

    I took mine in the daylight the fourteens of June 2016 at 12.45.

    Kind regards

  21. I'm not always right, but I've owned a few of these, so in this case I'm sure I am.

  22. here is my pic also in daylight on the day I drove it after my inspection, this was 29th May 2017.

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