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Miura, the original supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Yes, appears to be RHD in this shot.
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  3. I think the LHD car used for the interior shots was 3637. The interior looks too light in those shots to be black leather, but it has the right grayscale appearance that a red interior would translate to on B&W film -

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    So, white/black RHD 3372 for the driving scenes, album cover and magazine shots (posts #19571 & #19572) and white/red 3637 for the interior close-up shots, each filmed separately/different dates and spliced together in post-production. The delivery dates of both cars fit with a film schedule sometime during June/July - early August, in time for the mid-September airdate.
    Both cars courtesy of Lamborghini Concessionaires, as was the case previously for her boutique publicity shots with 3096 or 3102..

    That's my theory anyway.
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  4. Does anyone have knowledge about the GT40 look like very early Miura 3012.
    How it was converted, earlier pictures.. More information we can get than the miuraregister..
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  6. #19581 miurasv, Mar 8, 2021
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  7. I have the original registration papers of this car when it was in Austria in the early-mid 70s. Funnily it was registered in my fathers hometown.
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  8. An early production SV, the passenger side rear is not faithful to original shape to my eye.
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  9. Tyrrells Classic Workshops new video shows a Miura together with a Mercedes Gullwing in the first few minutes.

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  11. Always an enjoyable watch from Iain and team :cool:
  12. #19586 Olivier NAMECHE, Mar 9, 2021
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    #4707 finally restored for client of mines, just finished.... looking for a new home !

    Factory builtsheet :

    Telaio #4707
    Motore #30565
    Bertone carrozzeria #666 – 566th Miura produced
    Colore : Champagne / nero pelle
    Consegna : 07/10/1970
    Concesionnaro : Lamborauto – Torino - Italia


    The external champagne colour was not very convincing,..

    That colour is too fade/unattractive and wouldn’t give the relief of the Miura body, so it was choosen to be gold by previous owner.

    For sale right now, you can PM me on : torov12@proximus.be

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  13. Was it you that said that you were going to come back and tell us what Bertone body numbers were on the bonnet of this car?
  14. this bonnet has same "devil" number like rest of the car....
  15. Thanks. Any pics?
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  16. None
  17. Hi Olivier,
    If I recall correctly, the Gold Miura S at the Lamborghini Museum is #4644. And from what I know this car was delivered new in Oro Metallizzato.
    Are you speaking of another Miura S originally yellow ?
  18. Hi Bruno,
    Mixing files, correction made, thanks

  19. It is very easy to check if a Miura front bonnet is updated or not.

    To me #4707 still has the SV bonnet it had when it was a no sale on the RM-Arizona auction in 2015.

    I saw on Iain Tyrrells video (he does do nice videos) that they just replaced the front of the aluminum shroud containing the front grilles and headlamp surroundings. But you can’t make a P400 or S bonnet out of that. The SV bonnet is about 30 mm wider from edge to edge at the top over the wheels. About 1610 mm compared to 1580 mm for the narrow cars. Bertone did for the SV widen the bonnets to get that Coke-bottle look together with the widened rear shell. This also means that the lips over the wheel openings are more pronounced on the earlier, P400- and S-bonnets.

    So if not just the SV-aluminum shroud was applied to the old S-steel frame when they once made the front look like an SV, I doubt that the bonnet is matching number.

    Anyhow, it is a very beautiful Miura!

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  20. Although the front -end was changed to SV- spec in the '80s, the wheel arches were not... this leads to conclude it was a period repair and not a full hood replacement.

    Thus, it is still original front hood.

    Iain and his Team double - checked this.... and also compared & measured with 2x other Miura that I sent him to be restored : Miura SV #4974 and Miura S #4245....

    This is why #4707 looks right with the narrower (P400 & S) 7” front wheels.

    If it was still SV- spec, the arches would look too big, because the front wheel SV had 7.5” of course...

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  21. #19595 bb4635, Mar 14, 2021
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    ...7.5" of course ?...


    Front period SV wheels came, yes, with a new, smoother style.

    Yes, they were a new type of Miura front wheels, different from the ones previously used on P400 & P400S, but - definitely - they were still in 7" inches width. Not 7.5".

    7.5 inches width for the front SV wheels, in production period, is only a legend.

    Just check by yourself the measurements on original Campagnolo SV front wheels and you will get the factual dimensions.

    Yes, current front SV Eurospares aluminium repros are 7.5'' wide , but the original fitment on the SVs was 7" front and 9" rear.

    You can also refer to the period technical data sheets of the Miura SV.

    My few cents, for those interested about genuine - accurate Miura SV technical aspects...
  22. You are correct of course, but your post sounds as if the knowledge that the SV had 7" front wheels is a revelation, I stated that fact in my book published 13 years ago and have repeated same here in this thread many times, perhaps Olivier mixed up his data with another car but his point that he believes that the hood is to S spec is well received.
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  24. Bruno,

    Good thanks, you keep your cents for a better bet in the future ;)... I admit having just made a copy / pasted of the explanation of my friend Iain without checking.

    Of course, clearly 7” was at the front as for example it is indicated in my literature & owner's book for those who have them too… no revelation indeed !

    But after discussion with Iain, Miura rims at his shop are 7.5, hence the confusion.

    In any event, because we were speaking at first about the front end of hood correction #4707, rest assured the front hood is the correct one and remade as identical to an S, model was taken from that of #4245 sitting next to #4707 for a year already.

    And Bruno if you wish to fit your Miura S with modern wheels, better to go to Marvic instead of Eurospares, you can find them here in 3 sizes : 7, 7,5 and 9…


    Also to note, the design of the front L7’’ Miura S differs from the front L7’’Miura SV as your comment was incomplete in its description :D

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  25. better this side

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