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Miura SV cn 4828 black RHD UK reg JS27 1972 - 1974

Discussion in 'Other' started by Roger Byron-Collins, Oct 27, 2021.

  1. I bought this unique right-hand drive black Lamborghini Muira SV UK registration number JS 27 c/n 4828 from Jonathan Sieff, director of the European retail store Marks and Spencer and motor-racing driver in March 1972. When I bought it only 485 miles was on the clock. Mr Sieff bought it new from Roger Philips at Lamborghini GB in the City of London. l owned it until 1974. After my purchase it was a regular visitor to Oslo and Telemark Norway. After meeting my future Norwegian wife on 6 June 1972, it was flown later that month in a British Air Ferry DC4 Carvair aircraft from Southend to Rotterdam airport en-route to Norway. On arrival at the German border the guard asked my future wife, as she spoke German "How long do you intend staying in Germany" to which she replied jokingly - " in this car just 3 minutes" - much to the amusement of the border guard! Via the German autobahns we reached Sweden in record time. Whilst driving through Sweden en-route to Oslo Norway we were stopped twice by Swedish Police patrols. They had only recently been supplied with hand-held radar guns but because of our speed they were unable to have a reading and they only wanted to view the engine and with a smile sent us on our way. To the best of my knowledge in that period this was the only Lamborghini in Norway. After the arrival of our expanded family a two-seat car was not an option so until 1980 I owned thee Lamborghini Espadas in purple, green and silver until I purchased a Rolls Royce Camargue so clearly an age thing! The Miura photo was taken of my Norwegian wife and mother and me in Telemark Norway in June 1972 and the RR Camargue is with my wife in Lon Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login don in May 1980
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    Thanks for posting and welcome to LamborghiniChat.

    It was believed that SV 4828 was supplied new with chrome bumpers and judging from your 1972 picture of it that may not have been the case. Do you remember the mileage when you sold it?

    You should post this in the Supercars section where more people will see it.
  4. When i bought this Miura there were no chrome bumpers so l assume they were added after l sold it in 1974
  5. When I inspected 4828 in the late 1980s the front are rear bumpers were painted silver, not chromed.

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