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Countach Market value 87 Countach

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Chadbourn Bolles, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. What is the market value of 87 FI Countach from hi to low

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  3. carbed or F.I.?
  4. Not much guess work reg this, between BAT official sales records and Sackeys sales (probably also some private high $ kept secret in his organization) , pretty much sums it up, at least in the US.
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  6. Impossible to say aside from a random guess without specific details of the car and it's current status, if any car's market value is characterized by a huge range, it's the Countach.
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  8. Looking at hammer price I see one 1987 FI car sold in 2022. It sold for $572k. I see an 88 FI for as little $275k and a high of $600k this year. I thought there was a QV FI at a BAT auction for $850k? Seems to be a lot of variation.

    Cheers Jim
  9. as already said is difficult to say a value on countach without having the complete picture

    really depends on conditions, colors, mileage, history, owners, euro conversion, books and tools...etc

    from 400k$ to 800k$ may sound silly but it probably gives an idea of prices from a bad car with lots of things to be corrected to a superb one in desirable colors
    a complete restoration and looking for original parts is a lot of cash and time consuming

    i have to say the QV F.I. cars went up a lot last 12 months
  10. I'd say $300 - $600 is more realistic for a Fuelie, no matter what outlier results we have seen on BAT.

    All Countachs have generally gone up the last 12 months, LP400S, LP500S, Downdrafts (consistently bringing over $1 million) and 25ths included.

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