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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by 2aftercannonball, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Wolf red CT before the official factory S in 78 had 15’s bravo’s campy’s decals applied by the manufacturer presumably on the dish portion as you can see here in this period photo

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  3. I've seen this before but generally production LP400S had the placement of the Campagnolo decal by the wheel manufacturer was on the outer lip, not on the concave surface of the wheel, same for the later Ozzeta wheels.

    Speaking of Wolf cars, here's 1002 at Villa D'Este today.

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  4. Dear Gentlemen,

    i don't know if you have already noticed it also but I personally have been missing Victor's (Lambocars666) contributions for about a year.
    I have always appreciated his posts and pictures very much.
    Does anyone know him personally from this Forum ?
    I hope everything is okay and he is fine.

    Kind regards

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  7. Victor is alive and well :)
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  8. in my opinion this is the ULTIMATE countach and at the same time the ultimate lamborghini:

    -bigger and powerfull sidedraft engine
    -built for Walter Wolf
    -first S
    -low body and gold bravos
    -Dallara wing
    -amazing color combination

    this car has everything
    i even like the postmodern bb dash that was installed on it during its early life

    to me this car is the simbol of lamborghini...nothing comes close: from SVJ miuras to 350GT, from diablo Jota to Monza

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  9. I can’t argue any of those points Emilio.. I wish you owned her.
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  10. 1002 had competition brakes & clutch as well, not to mention adjustable suspension.
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  12. A colleague's images show that 1002 unfortunately has the post-production spacers in the front wheel track from its Germany days, compare with the factory image above.

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  13. He also noticed a large paint blister on the front PS wheel, this happens because the original magnesium Bravos are truly porous and need to be prepared correctly before painting.

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  14. This is 1121102 an LP400S Series 2.
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  15. I saw the car in person
    needs some works but a good car to start with

    this car is an S1 to me: last or last to one...Born with Bravo wheels so S1
  16. Not sure I agree with you Emilio, one person I know went to view the car from London.

    Said paintwork not good, can see the original red through the black.
    No airboxes
    Incorrect steering wheel
    Incorrect wheels, from a 5000s.
    no documents / history. Car had a big engine rebuild from a German Ferrari dealer 2007 ish, but only a list of works, no invoice.
    non original side skirts but at least the wheel arches are available with the car.

    Can all be done for a price I guess. Airboxes might be hard to come by???

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  17. what i mean is a good starting point
    it is far from perfect but still an S1 to me
  18. Well. it sold for 460k EUR so someone wanted it. Hope they return it to its former glory!
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  19. A number of years ago I was sitting at the bar in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas the night before a boxing Superfight I was there to witness, minding my own business, when a very famous lady (who shall remain nameless) walked up to me with a huge smile and a twinkle in her eye and asked me: "Your'e Brian from Los Angeles right?". I was taken aback but seeing that she was slightly intoxicated at that point in the evening's proceedings I responded without hesitation: "No, I'm Joe, but I can be Brian if you like"

    Just because the car is an S1 to you does not make it an S1, it's in fact an S2.

    I am definitely not Brian, even if to her I was that night...

    Where's the proof it was born with Bravo wheels?

    All correct, fair enough price reflective of an LP400S S2 good restoration candidate.

    Again, it's an S2, production specification isn't subjective Emilio.

    Indeed, agreed.
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  20. i have nothing to earn sayng this is an S1 since is not my car

    production wise they are ALL countach S to lamborghini
    the S1 S2 and S3 is a "enthusiast" split and we all worked on this many years ago

    the split btw S1 and S2 cars should be riconsidered imo
    btw VIN 1098 and 1104 we need to check every single car in period pics to see what is an S1 and S2
    in the end the late S1 and early S2 are exactly the same minus the wheels...weren't the S1 cars the ones born with bravos
  21. I saw the car and agree with the comments made by Spyder-Man.
    The paint was ok if you wanted to drive around but not really up to the standard expected from an A1 car at this price point in my view.
    Original wheels would have been magnesium so probably not safe to use anymore.
    I'd have suggested the best route would be to use it for a while and then address the paint/skirts when the natural time for a repaint came around.
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    Sorry Emilio, but this well-known image features Armin Johl's 1121026 and not 1121102, the inclusion of 1121026's image in 1121102's history is either a careless mistake, or intentionally done to convince the uninitiated that the S2 1102 is an S1.

    Unfortunately there is much misinformation in the Lamborghini world, often aimed at rewriting history.

    Period images of the final S1 cars and early S2 cars do exist.

    The cutoff point at the 100 (1121100) chassis number and final supply for Bravo wheels is significant, many automotive production series are defined by less.
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  23. Period pics show the Zurich-plated 1121102 with smooth Campagnolos and Vitaloni Turbos as often seen from nearly-new at ILOC meets.

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  24. Period pics show the EE-plated (soon to be changed by Johl to Swiss BL/Basel plates per the image you offered) 1121026 with Campagnolo Bravos and Vitaloni Sebrings as often seen from new at ILOC meets.

    Two completely different cars, 1026 had Bravos from new and is an S1, 1102 had smooth Campagnolos from new and is an S2.

    We can only draw our own individual conclusions as to why 1026's image is being used to assert that 1102 was born with Bravos.

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    these are OZ, Joe
    the same wheels on the car today... (see pic) put on the car with Turbo mirrors and wing side plates to update the look to "5000s-qv look"

    why put OZ on the car in the early 80s when the Campagnolo smooth wheels were the same look ?
    makes no sense...

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