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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by 2aftercannonball, Mar 8, 2019.

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  2. I drew it to your attention because if this was your car it would very likely still have the Blaupunkt unit in it.

    Placement of the Campagnolo decal by the manufacturer was on the outer lip, not on the concave surface of the wheel, same for the later Ozzeta wheels.

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  3. Good eye, I agree
  4. After reading a post sometime back referring to the smooth Campagnolo wheels and the decal placement on the concave area of the wheel, I actually noticed a few pictures with exactly that.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong. I read a post by you Joe claiming this was the correct location on the smooth Campagnolo wheels. I tried finding the post with no luck, maybe a year or two back. I did start seeing wheels with that decal location after reading your post. I always thought the outer lip was correct. Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  7. I've always known that the placement of the Campagnolo decal by the manufacturer was generally on the outer lip for the vast majority of cars, so this is the accepted norm.

    I should have clarified that placement was generally on the outer lip, that's the missing word.

    I have seen 1 or 2 totally original cars which indeed have had the sticker applied to the smooth concave of the wheel, perhaps I was referring to this, IMO the rookie sticker guy did this for half-a-dozen cars and the supervisor got on his case and told him to go back to the outer lip, or something like that. Once again we are reminded that with hand-built cars, there are no absolutes with production specifications of that era.
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  8. The same guys work later in his sticker applying career
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  10. Amazing Video, lots of info on Ferruccio's Countach
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  12. LP400S wing Vs QV wing
    an interesting comparison
    you can see the old model is much bigger, more slanted (being a wing, is the only way it should be) and from the second pics you can see the mounts are shorter

    to me the only wing that does make sense on a countach is the big low old one ....the flat late model small wing is flat, small and ugly ...
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  13. This is the Countach LP400 S Series 2 “low body” VIN 1121122. The only LP400 S delivered new in Giallo Fly. Great picture taken by my friend and fellow Lamborghini historian Kevin Crauwels at event Spa Italia, Belgium in June 2009. This car has also been updated at the www.countach-register.com Check it out!
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  14. Why did this car sell so cheap? Has the market come down this much or was this a fluke..handful of yrs back this was a $750,000 car. Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  15. No.

    Markets go up & down, and cars are vastly different from car-to-car within the same variant, accordingly they have a big range of values, especially the case with classic Lamborghinis.

    The market went down off a high in @ 2017, this year so far it's actually on the way back up, according to our statistics.
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    What about the LP400 S prototype, the muletto based on #1120112?

    The picture shows the LP400 S prototype in Bad Neuenahr- Ahrtal, 14th July 1979 and is a repost from Victors "Countach LP400 Vintage Photos" thread post 518 (Pierre Le Mounier from Lamborghini Club France)

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  17. I'm more amazed at the quality of this photo.........from '79
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  18. Good point!
  19. Thread wake up call! US side markers removed on 1121282

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  20. And looking much better for it !:cool:
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  21. This is quite a low price for a lowbody. Albiet Bring a trailer wouldnt have been my choice as the seller, Restos on Countaches are very difficuly and thus staggeringly high so any car with issues usually trades a a heavy discount. Yet if this car had few issues I would have quickly bought it for this price. Wish i had not missed it.

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