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LM002 RHD Rolling restoration.. will be updated regularly

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Front-Engined' started by BlueBiturbo, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Yes, Brian is correct, the LM EFI and the early Diablo have double chain off the crank to 2 jockey sprocket, and 2 single chains to the cams, all tensioned by sprocket wheels on arms tensioned by oil pressure, not sure what fails on the LM, the guides break, but that could be caused by slack chain.
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  3. Ok, thanks for the info! That's bad that LM had minor information from the factory.
    Still people tend to take EFI LM as more reliable if compared to DD LM.
    Recently, we had seen a local car with 71000+ km mileage, "zero problems" as the owner said. But it was only 1.5 years he owned it. Arguably the highest mileage ever for LM002.
  4. There was an update they should have all received replacing the upper hydraulic tensioners with manual tensioners.
  5. How about the lower ones? Were they always hydraulic?
  6. Yes. I assume there have been few failures of those and if they did it looks like the design would keep it from slipping on the sprockets and bending all the valves. Also, unlike the uppers you can't get to it to adjust it at regular services.
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  8. I've checked, all 3 tensioners were hydraulic from the factory and all 3 should be changed to manual tensioners.

    Yet, worse nightmares come true: the upper tensioners were designed to go on the tensioned side, which is why it causes problems.
  9. Balboni is a very great and humble guy.
    He told me he was actively involved during the LM002 development
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  11. I finally figured out what these are. I thought they looked like BFG tread and I was correct. BFG used to make a LT345/55/17. Not been made in some time evidently. Oh well. It looks like right now a 305/55/17 gets us closest.
  12. Too narrow I think.
    My 315 is only 255 wide

  13. BFG lists the 305/55 at 10.1 wide but more importantly 32.6 tall
    They have 2 different 315/70 shown. One at 9.9 wide and one at 10.6 wide but both at 34.4 tall.

    If you already have rubbing problems 34.4 is going to be worse.

    Best would be to get Coker to make some 345/55 for us. Molds exist and Coker already has a relationship with BFG. That is what is in your old picture. It was marketed as a Sport Truck tire. The Hot Rodders liked them too. They had a good look on the rear of customized 30's Fords.
  14. Hey, I saw you comment on the LM from Krasnoyarsk a while ago, do you know much about that car? It was recently offered for sale?
  15. Looking for info on Clutch setup in an LM002

    my clutch recently failed, and when taking it apart discovered that the clutch disc had already been replaced by what looks to be a late 70’s Austin Healey clutch disc and not sure about the thrust plate. It’s 10.5” clutch disk and I’m wondering if anyone know what other clutch disks or thrust housings maybe compatible with the LM? I’m realising a lot of the parts here came from other car makers so wonder if anyone knows more about the clutch setup or compatible components

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