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Lm002 restoration and customisation help needed

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by GiZLabs, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. Hi guys looking for some technical help. I am restoring an 1992 LM002, it came missing the windshield washer fluid system, as well as the air conditioning system both missing from under the hood. The air intake was also modified and not original. I am looking for some help, as I have parts diagrams but they are not great, can anyone who has an Lm share some detailed pictures of these two systems please under the hood.

    also I am thinking about upgrading the rear breaks to discs, has anyone gone down this route with the Lm? I am interested in hearing what you may have learned or if you did it, or any other modification, mechanical, body or interior.

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  3. Hi Giz, You should talk to the Jim and Michael Carpenter. They own Italian Design and Racing in Mesa, AZ. They have a LM002 that they have been modifying and they also have a 3d printer to re-make parts that are not attainable. I would put in an aftermarket AC system as it will be way better than the factory system. They also have a disc brake conversion for the LM. Give them a call as they are great guys! Tell them Ryan from Canada (RyFips) says hi
  4. Is it carbed or FI? What specifically on the induction system do you need pictures of? As far as the A/C or windshield washer, on an assembled truck there is not a lot to see. Again specifics of what you want and maybe I can help. I have an FI model and have a pretty good library of pictures.
  5. Thanks, it is a 1991 fuel injected LM

    would be helpful, I have the parts manual but it is not very good for understanding where anything was.
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  7. Well so now we know the version. What serial number is it? Just the last 5. It should be between 12001 and 12301. I might even have pictures of yours.

    Anyway I can supply pictures if you can be a little specific. Also just by searching online there are a ton of underhood shots. I have an injected 89 but have been collecting pictures and have photos of 44 of them identifiable by VIN. Many more from unidentified trucks.

    You can contact me direct at bcco@sbcglobal.net
  8. hey, its fuel injected, and i was looking for more up-close detailed pics of the components i need, didnt find too many online, its #235

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