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Lets build an engine

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Chadbourn Bolles, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. DLA12662 had a similar wear pattern, either the factory used the wrong material or the owner used to have the clutch engaged the whole time.
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  3. Raymond, you could tell the engine had been into after the factory. Things like excess silicone seal in several places. Pan/diff nuts with 60 or more ft lb torque on them, plus a stud missing and replaced with a bolt.. Main bearing 12 mm stud nuts not torqued the same. Oil pick up tube main bearing nuts not torqued the same as the rest of the nuts. The 8 mm stud with 13 mm nuts must have been tightened to 40 or more torque, they only are suppose to be torqued to around 24-28 ft lb.
    Oil pan/diff nuts several rounded almost off. I do not think the factory would have ever sent anything out like that.
  4. I bet none of you have ever seen something like this. Some of you might not even know what a flat head Ford V8 was. They were originally around 220 cu in and 80 HP. This one is 427 cu in with DOHC heads on it. A friend did 99% of the work BY HAND. That is what I call building an engine
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  6. Well the 409 CU IN engine is in the works, making some progress.. See the attached, a pic of my intake with the 6 Weber 48 mm IDA carbs.
    Slowly but surely it will get done.
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  8. New clutch, will take around 8-900 ft torque. Thanks to RAM Automotive in Columbia,SC. They build clutches for F1 . IMSA, NASCAR, NHRA, and people like me. Many thanks to them.
    Flywheel is from a 350/400GT Lamborghini, clutch is twin disk with floater uses hydraulic . push TO bearing assy.
    They said this will hold the power from my 409 cu in Countach engine.
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  9. Those will give new meaning to the term power come. Looking forward to seeing them mounted on the engine. How high do you expect to be able to rev it to?

    Cheers Jim
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  11. Any updates?

    Cheers Jim
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  13. Up date, well darn it, the twin disk clutch would not work, due to the trans bellhousing would not clear it. So back to the drawing board.
    Using a 350/400GT flywheel, which is drilled for a Long type clutch, which was used on the 350/400GT cars, Ram Automotive supplied me with a
    10.5 in Long pressure plate and disk. Now if someone with a Countach would like to get rid of the stupid clutch setup (pull type) now used and install
    a stronger push type clutch, not that big a deal.
    You just need to get a flywheel from a 350/400GT, (don't forget to mark it for TDC like the original wheel), the get a long clutch and disk and a hydraulic throw out bearing. Remove the guts from your trans housing, then
    you are on the way. I know it is a little more involved that that, but I am sure folks get the picture
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  14. There is a chance it may have done you a favor. That clutch looks heavy and the mass is at a large diameter, which would give it a lot of inertia. That would make the engine less responsive. On the other hand there is no way that clutch would slip when it was engaged

    Cheers Jim
  17. wow you should make a YouTube video explaining all the work you have done in detail
  19. [QUOTE="MiuraP400, post: 146414501, member: 59827" How does this look 6700 + cc 10,000 rpm operating range. Should make at least 650-700 HP. Should be a blast in a 3000 lb Countach.

    In the next week or so, I hope to have this installed, just have other jobs in the way right now, jobs that owe me money.

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  20. That looks awesome. Did you make your own intake manifold or are those adapters between the stock manifold and the 48s? You must be looking forward to starting it up.

    Cheers Jim
  23. You will have to ask Pierce Manifolds about that. They did the setup for me. I gave them the engine specs, and they did the rest.
  24. Several have asked about the engine and what I did, so here is just about everything

    Murcielago crank modified to work in Countach block. Crank only weighs around 40 lb vs the Countach crank at 60 or more.
    Crank is balance to "0" at each end
    Crower custom rods, balance to within .001 gr.
    Wisceo custom pistons to have 11 to 1 compression Pistons balanced to within .001 gr
    Special made sleeves allowing a 89.5 mm bore
    Intake and exhaust valves 5 mm over size, custom made.
    Kawasaki motor cycle valve springs, about 90 more seat tension.
    BMW valve adjusting shims, thinner than the Lambo part, therefore about 1/2 the weight.
    Use adjusting type shims from a 2 valve engine, again saving weight.
    Heads modified with oversize valve seats to work with the larger valves. All ports redone
    Ignition is COP by Electromotive Inc.
    Clutch is by RAM Automotive in Columbia, SC
    Cams were custom done by Iskenderian Racing Cams.
    Valve spring retainers are Titanium.
    Special custom made spring seats.
  25. Any update?

    Cheers Jim
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