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Lamborghini Marzal: 1st drive in public in 51 years!!!

Discussion in 'Other' started by jgonzalesm6, May 10, 2018.

  1. I think you are just seeing an indentation or impression left in the upholstery from someone who was sitting there shortly before the film

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  3. Neptune F'ing with us ... :p

    That's a car that might require sunglass even at night!
  4. And the official video.

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  5. I love the thought & effort that went into reminding us of it's history by reconnecting with the past, there is still some class in the world, well-played!
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  7. I agree to the fullest,it is such part of Italian car design history, epic, one of my biggest inspirations,since i was a kid,in my own work. never left my mind. Fantastic.
  8. Another perfect design by Bertone's top class designer Marcello Gandini. One of the most beautiful cars on earth.
  9. Fantastic that this icon is shown in public from time to time and not hiding in a garage somewhere.
  10. Exactly, with a car like this, it's almost an obligation, thankfully it's owned by someone who enjoys sharing
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  12. Kewl

    Looks good.
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    I was there but had just left pit lane to go to the media room and missed it by half an hour. I did take some screen captures of the live feed.

    The point of all this which somehow has not been stated is that Prince Rainier had done a parade lap in 1967 in the car with Princess Grace so this was recreating history with Prince Albert, just a pity that princess Charlene who really looks a lot like Grace was not with him to make it picture perfect. Still it was a very special moment and Mrs Spiess got to meet him right after. The car is really spectacular now, the visual impact is so much stronger than before the restoration. I got to see it at the Geneva show this year also. Well done to Mr & Mrs S for restoring it so well.

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  14. Would such a car ever be approved for production without a b pillar and all that glass? Side impact would be tragic, for the car and the driver!

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