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Koni Countach shocks

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories, and Collectibles' started by Chadbourn Bolles, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. I have for sale a set (6) Koni Countach shocks, which Koni ( I understand) will say they never made.
    You could sooner find a set of hens teeth then these shocks. The following is information I got for the shocks.

    these shocks are the rarest of all Lamborghini shocks I can think of. These were a "Bob Wallace" special shock made for Bob when he was at the factory. If you check with Koni, they'll tell you no shock was ever made like that for the Countach. They were a very special under the table shock for Bob only! More than likely you'll never see another set of these, I've only seen 3 sets now. Bob told me maybe 15 or 20 sets made for the Countach.

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  4. chad are they adjustable ride height
  6. And whats the price on them
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  9. I am going to tell you why these are a bargain......and it's not because Chad is a long time friend either. To rebuild the 6 Ariston shocks used on the very early cars, a shock that's obsolete, a rebuild to new, that require pretty much everything inside to be modified/made, cost upward of a grand each. To have these rare Konis for 1000 each, obo, is a great buy.
  10. Are these shocks still available?
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