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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Front-Engined' started by Olivier NAMECHE, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Hi Shaun,

    I purchased Jarama #10024 in a very sorry state and restored it over a period of a couple of years to what I considered to be very nice driver quality. The first thing I would advise; is to head on over to the Vintage Lamborghini Garage forum and check out the many threads there on restoring and maintaining Jaramas. My thread is titled something like RHD Jarama #10024 and extends to something like 65 pages. It'll give you a good idea of the pitfalls involved and (assuming you're a reasonably competent car person) the help there will give you the confidence to pretty much do everything yourself - most active folks there do. There is no "black art" to these cars; it is perfectly possible to maintain/run one on a normal classic car budget and skills as long as you start with something not requiring total restoration (mine did and I still did it for for a lot less than you'd imagine). Just be mindful that a V12 is fundamentally greedy on parts..... 12 of everything soon mounts up cost wise!

    Regards Andy
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  3. Shaun,

    Glad that you found interesting stuffs on my website, it needs to be updated.

    Do you have mechanical skills ? if not, I advise you to hire the right person.

    Which location are you from ?

    About pricing, it will be also interesting to know which budget range you are looking at ?

    I can advise you to buy this one, that I know very well as I sent it to my friend Iain Tyrrell who restored it... just needs a run in, but I understood this is not what you are looking for :


    A good car trouble free and in nice presentation can cost you a minimum of 180.000 €, like this one that I know also well :


    About #10.340, all I can tell is :

    Engine #40893

    Colori : Argento / Nero

    Marazzi carrozzeria #171

    delivered to Modena Car - USA

    date : 14th November 1972

    I saw pics later restored in "red", I don't now much about it

    My last Jarama GTS, partially restored, sold for 180.000 € earlier this year...
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    Really helpful. Thanks!

    I do have mechanical skills, but I'm not sure I'd want to take on a job like an engine rebuild. Working on my cars is enjoyable, so a car with mechanical needs isn't a deal breaker. I'm in the US.

    As far as budgets go, that's a hard question to answer. The last two cars I saw at auction were on Bring a Trailer and neither sold at the high bid of $75-$80k. Perhaps unreasonably, I put those at the lower end of what I thought the value range was. I'm trying to get a real sense of the value of these cars in the US. When I've owned cars that are pristine, I've had a hard time enjoying them because of the need to "protect" their condition. Conversely, buying a good, driver-quality car brings with it the risk of hidden, expensive repairs. I'm trying to figure out where on the spectrum I belong. Of course, sometimes a car pops up for sale and makes the decision for me.

    Thanks for the insight guys!
  5. It sounds to me like you already know how to recognise the right car - just ignore all the other distractions that will waste your time and money along the way :)
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  6. Buy the best car you can afford.
    Then, find a qualified shop to keep under your belt when you need them. But the more important thing is that once sorted and running great, drive it....drive it a lot! Do not let it sit for more than a few weeks or months. If sitting, at least start it every other week. If you do not follow this advice, you'll be back on here with a bunch of question and frustrations :mad:
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  8. #10150?

  9. Agreed... drive it like I do...

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  10. Somehow, I missed the picture yesterday. I could see myself in a similar scenario. :)

    Buying the best car I can afford just isn't how I operate:oops:. I like buying something that needs a little TLC so I can work on it and get to know it. With a Jarama, I guess I'm intimidated by how much the "unknown" could possibly cost me to remedy. I'm helping some friends find a Model A as their first classic car. When you buy one of these wrong, its a mistake measured in thousands, not tens of thousands.
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  12. Hallo Jorrit, ik ben mij aan het oriënteren op een islero, in dat kader heb ik jouw auto bekeken en gereden recentelijk toen deze bij Guus van Eijk stond. Zou je het interessant vinden hier over te corresponderen? Ik zie uit naar je reactie. mvg. Martin

  13. Martin, wil je dat ik je door Jorrit verwijs ?
  14. Yes exactly. That is 10006. Unfortunately, I sold it. I am missing it. For now, I did not find other photos of 10418 except this one, but I might have more.
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  15. It would be great , as you are probably the only one who made pics of #10.418...
  16. Just noticed. This blue car, is that body side molding down low there?

  17. So sad that the factory cancelled the Jarama Giro 50 Tour planned with front V12 rally event in september 2020... 18x cars were selected like for the Miura 2016 Tour, Espada & Islero 2018 Tour... Covid was a good excuse when other little Vintage cars events in Europe took place in 2020 despite the Covid...

    I was registered with my Jarama GTS, my car was prepared to run accross hot Tuscany, Ombria and Reggio Emilia... a real disapointment for me and for my fellows who have their GTS also restored for the event which was already scheduled since 2018.

    We felt a new wind was blowing over the factory... the time gave us right... Stefano Domenicalli left the factory on the 30th November, that means all was already decided back on 1st june 2020, but factory cancelled only the event just before the holidays, on friday 31st july 2020...

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