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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Front-Engined' started by Olivier NAMECHE, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Any new findings about the lost 001 Jarama built?
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  3. What do you guys think of this Jarama for sale. The paint colour, interior colour and wheels aren't original. Plus the floor has been lowered an inch to accommodate larger drivers and air con added. Its an original UK car but has spent time in Australia and Japan. It was "fully" restored in 2016 in Australia and was sold at Bonhams in 2017 for £135k

  4. If you're in the market for a RHD Jarama, then there's not a huge choice - 8 Series 1 and 18 Series 2 - or there abouts and therefore a sellers market. So, its more a case of deciding if what is available at the time suits your requirements. I sold my RHD Series 1 a month or two ago an it went within a week, for the price advertised, so I doubt this one will hang around long (even though I consider it 10% over on price).

    Assuming the car matches up to the description, its got to be worthy of serious consideration.

    Regards Andy
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  5. Jonathan,

    You must jump on it, one of 18x GTS made RHD.

    Builtsheet :

    Telaio #10.608
    Motore #41315
    Marazzi carrozzeria #305
    Colore : Oro metalizzato / Bleu
    Consegna : 24/05/1974
    Concessionaro : Lamborghini UK

    I knew the car before it was advertised by my friend Mark Janssen in Australia, and Foskers in UK contacted me 5 years ago.

    It is fantastic to have the Miura wheels on a GTS, this is the ultimate look for me, RHD is not for me otherwise I would have already bought it (in LHD).

    Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  7. It is simple, if you don't buy it, somebody else will. A rarity.
    Reminds me when I blew it because I passed on 2 different sunroof cars...cheap. One was 14k, the other 28k.

  8. There is a while it is for sale, not sure somebody is ready to jump on it right away...
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  9. I missed it .. its sold. Thank you for your advise and help .. bugger.
  10. so sad for you !
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  12. Its really disappointing as it was particularly unique in that colour, with the Muira wheels on an S, RHD and in such lovely condition. I won't be so slow next time!
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  13. Dear Mr. Nameche,

    did I understood it correctly that this Jarama was originally delivered from the factory in the following colors:

    Exterior color Oro Metalizzato (Gold) such as Miura SV #4878 and interior in Blue ?

    Kind regards


  14. Dear Zdenek,

    According to the Jarama factory records that I hold, that's what is reported.

    Yes, it is same color as Miura #4878.... here is how it looks for a Jarama GTS...

    Did you buy it ?

    My pleasure
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  15. Dear Mr. Nameche,

    no, i`m sorry, i`m not the buyer of this car.

    Thank you for the picture.

    I just never saw a Jarama in this color.
    A very interesting color combination.
    I would love to see a original picture of the blue interior.

    I was very surprised that a company like Girardo could offer such a vehicle so cheaply.
    Just my opinion, this car was a bargain for the new owner.

    Kind regards


  16. I cant' be more accurate, an original blue interior...

    Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  17. They bought the car in Japan. From outside, they did not changed anything from the exterior/interior, so no major work was done from Girado afaik.

  18. Girardo did nothing to it.... it was already restored and modified years ago
  19. Yes, and unfortunately, no value was placed on originality.
  20. I think the colour changed from yellow in the eighties.

    Originality seems less important with Lamborghinis or am I wrong. Not sure I would have been interested in it with its original colour scheme and lack of Muira wheels.

  21. I think you are wrong, globally Bulls are original... we are several to carry on that way !
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    Correct, you are wrong. :D
    An original or restored to original specs trades privately for the most money. And usually at auction as well. Yes, a car brought back to factory spec will most likely always bring in the highest dollar.

    Again, I am speaking about all the early models from a 350/400 up to even the Japlas (which have been bring some good numbers as of late).

    You take a 60s or 70s Lamborghini and return to that day it left the factory and you, as a seller, are in for a treat.
  23. Thats interesting thank you Peter.

  24. Builsheet :

    VIN #10.368

    Motore : #40919

    Colori : Rosso Alfa / Nero

    Marazzi carrozzeria #185

    Consegna : 19/09/1972

    Cliente : Mr Maran of Verona - Italia

    It was sold by Klima Lounge to my client in Geneva some years ago, then he asked me for a comprehensive job : new paint, new engine and other jobs, all performed by Iain Tyrrell Classics in UK.

    After delivery he kept it about 6 months before trade exchange for something quite different... this is great GTS that was featured next to my silver Jarama GTS in article published on Classic Driver.com


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