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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Front-Engined' started by Olivier NAMECHE, Sep 5, 2007.

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  2. Hi all — I’m back! I am re-entering vintage Lamborghini ownership after a few years respite. I have just purchased Jarama 10122. A friend and I are flying in to Appleton, WI on Monday to pick up the car, and drive it from there to my home in NJ. The car has had a tremendous amount of mechanical perfecting work done by George Evans (as advertised in the seller’s Ebay ad - over $250k) to make it a great driving car, as well was a new interior, and the seller has taken many longer trips in it. He assures me it is up to the task. George spoke very highly of both the car and the seller whe I spoke with him as I was doing my due diligence. First day of the trip is planned to be from Appleton to Fort Wayne, IN where my friend lives. My friend is a fellow car guy and professional photographer, so we will photo document what I hope is a successful journey. I will do the Fort Wayne to Bedminster, NJ leg on my own. Wish me luck. I’m excited to return to vintage Lambo ownership.

    Kirk Meighan
  3. Wow, Kirk, been a few years. I still have the Urraco.

    I, too, have a Jarama as well. Was running perfectly for years but not at the moment. Maybe it'll fire up next weekend when I have time.

    One thing I quickly noticed about my Jarama is how comfortable it is on the highway. Perhaps it is a well broken-in seat but just rides so nice.
    Enjoy your adventure and post pictures.
    And, welcome back to vintage Lamborghini ownership!
  4. Welcome back Kirk,

    A pleasure to meet you through my friend Avery.

    Which area in NJ are you from ? It is only 800 km away from Quebec city... when borders will open again !
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  6. It was amazing how well this trip went. No issues whatsoever. I drove 360 miles yesterday and 650 miles today. Mostly interstate highway driving. I was typically going about 75 to 80 mph. The car really loved being at higher speeds. A spectacular performance for this car. An awesome experience.
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  7. Same, Olivier. Avery seems like a real enthusiast. I live in Bedminster, NJ.
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  9. Anyone know the current location of Jarama #10102?
  10. in USA

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