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Islero thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Front-Engined' started by Marcello, Feb 15, 2007.

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    Hi all,
    Can anyone provide documented info about a particular Islero (chassis #6009 - the Islero Le Mans - Rilly car) ?
    I had a particular interest in this car - historically speaking. But with nothing new progressing new infos coming out, I was wondering in case there is a specifical problem on this car ?
    From what I've understood, this car has been discovered, after many years of deep
    research by O.N., in 2009, then almost immediately entered in a restoration process - We are now in 2020 and I've just had the opportunity to recently see this Islero in a workshop here in France.
    Status of the car which is surprisingly today still in a "body-in white" (not finished) partially restored condition. Still not yet completed.
    Is there any reason explaing why this interesting car is still in such an uncompleted bare-chassis-restored status only ? after so much +10 years now restoration work ? Just curious what is the issue with it ?
    I personally like this car, and I'm impatient to see and hear again its exhaust/engine noise, physically, during a vintage race track event soon...

  3. Bruno,

    You could have asked me directly....

    What is of your interest in fact ?

    I owned it since I found that "real barn find" , not a claimed barn find like Miura #5102" as discussed in another thread, after chasing it for 20 years untill 2008.

    9 years of ownership while I was also owning 5x Lambo at the same time, there was no hurry for that one, but its restoration has started directly in 2009 that I financed step by step.

    Back in 2017, I sold it to a good friend of mine who is continuing to restore it at the rythm he has decided... with other priorities... and I continue to give him the coaching he asked me to provide him.

    BTW, how long did it take you to restore your Miura ?

    The car is not "body in white", it is clearly body ready, already resprayed in the "rosso" that it weared at Le Mans 1975... looking at the picture, I still do not understand how you can declare another statut.

    They are many different reasons - not of your concern - for which that car is not a priority among a collection of close to 15 cars, as well as, the Covid situation struggles many people.

    One day for sure, you may hear it screaming at the Hunaudières, one day... I hope this clarification satisfies your curiosity !

    In case you still need details or info, feel free to PM me.

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  5. Thank-You Olivier for your update.
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  6. is this color Verde Pallido?


  7. Yes Verde Pallido
  8. Olivier,
    Perhaps you can help me out? The color in your photo (your car, I presume) is the very light metallic green. Other "Verde Pallido" cars such as the one from the Petrolicious (#6492) article, show a much less subtle, brighter green, but are also supposedly Verde Pallido? Is this the light? Are there two "Verde Pallido" colors? Is the Metallizzato a darker color? I would appreciate any insight.
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  10. Alex,

    It is not my car, but a car actually restored for a client of mine.

    There is only one shade of Verde Pallido.

    The light of picture may change the shade on the pic.

    Here is the period pPg code : 2.443.543
  11. Looking for a factory differential 10X45 or even lower if you have....
  12. Does anyone have a drawing of the frame of an Islero S with measurements? My car had (at some point in the past) a small "bump" and I am trying to make sure the front area from the firewall to the radiator area are exactly correct. This area also (by eye) seems to "droop" or "go downhill" relative to the rest of the frame. It looks correct, but this is the only Islero we've seen with the wheels off, so it's hard to know. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  13. Also, we are trying to recreate our missing hood pad. If anyone has photos or, even better, measurements, I'd be grateful. We'd also be interested in buying one, either NOS or something usable as a pattern.


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