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I saw a Countach on Wheel of Fortune right?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by JM4re, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. I grew up watching WoF. And I swear I remember seeing on at least one or two weeks' shows a red Countach on the turntable wheel behind Pat as a prize in the bonus round. Catch was: it was a kit car. It was red and was given a suggested retail price between 45-60k. That's an odd number. Way too high for a replica. Way too low for the real deal, particularly at that time. This had to be late 80s. Maybe even early 90s.

    I did find a clip from 1987 that shows a "1961 Ferrari" 250GT California spider replica built by the CA company Modena Designs.
    The clip --

    That car's history --

    I figure someone out there can back me up on this. Most people look at me crazy when I say I remember seeing a red Countach on WoF. Since now they give aways Kias and Smartcars and everyone wets themselves.
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  3. I think I vaguely remember seeing this, & remember it being a replica. My folks watched this show a lot. Every now & then they have some real wow cars on there...
  4. I remember it, modeled after an anniversary, right?
  5. I remember that episode. Seems like the guy won the car in the bonus round.
  6. I remember that, I think they eventually had a white one up there as well. I think it was a Prova.

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  8. THIS!!!!
  9. Yes I saw the episode as a kid also. I remember that it was a kit car. They called it The California Dream Machine. It was indeed a red Countach Replica.. I wanted that car so bad!!!

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