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Help with dead Urus Battery on Brand New 2021

Discussion in 'V8 Lamborghinis' started by JamTam, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. We received our new 2021 Urus two weeks ago and had it down at the detail shop getting wrapped with Xpel Ultimate Plus and ceramic coated. Well the shop called and said the battery was dead. When we purchased the Urus the salesman said to be careful with the batteries because those Lithium Ion batteries run around $5,000 to replace. any ideas if this battery can be recharged with the trickle charger? It goes to energy save mode because there is less than 2v according to the manual. Need some suggestions and thanks. Nice to be on the forum.
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  3. No need to reply to this one. I got some answers from ******************** and got the issue resolved. Thanks!
  4. Could you please share the answer/solution that worked for you? I have the same issue. Thank you!
  5. Lithium is used on ev batteries, cordless screw guns etc, so yes it can be charged. A trickle will work, it's a little slow, but yes it will work. Many of the chargers plug into the cigarette (I guess now it's called accessory port) lighter, when you are shopping around, for easier use.
  6. We used a standard battery jump starter. It seems the battery doesn’t “die” but goes into protective mode. We attached the battery charger to the leads under the hood and turned it on. Heard a small “spark”, and then the cars electrical came back to life. I started the Urus and quickly detached the charger and all was well.
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