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Hagerty Countach Article

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by topcarbon, Sep 6, 2022.

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  2. Could you take phots of the article? I am in Colorado and interested in seeing this. Thanks either way.
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  4. This is great. Thank you so much. I've spoke to Vic before, very nice guy.
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  6. Interesting article, reg the Anniversary, the guy said it was heavier but definitely quicker? Perhaps i need to go back and read, normally heavier is slower. Anyway cool article for all
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  7. Journalists love to start unsubstantiated myths.

    We know the QV Downdraft and the 25th weigh about the same, we know the Downdraft has 455 bhp and the 25th Fuelie has 420 bhp, and we know Vic's particular Downdraft is capable of all 180 mph, therefore I believe the writer is mistaken, which is a reasonable conclusion seeing as he's offered no electronic timing results to support his claim.
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  8. yes: nice to read and nice pics but more than few mistakes noted: OZ on hi-body, detuned for emission control on hi-body...

    for example:

    -All 400 and 400S have mag campagnolo light wheels
    alluminim alloy OZ did not came until 5000s was already in production (very early 5000S had still campagnolos magnesium rims)

    -375 hp vs 350 hp 4 liter engines: the 350 hp quoted power output was more realistic and still a bit optimistic (NO 400 engine on factory miura and countach made really all 375 hp)
    simply from some point in the S2 production run LP400S factory switched to 40mm DCOE instead of 45mm for better driveability (45 DCOEs cars had a flat spot somewhere in the 2500 -3000 rpm when new)
    having driven many 400s in all versions and with either 40 or 45 carbs today is possible to have both running great with no flat spots, power really depends on the single car and fine tune more than the diameter of the carbs

    -emission detuned engines on hi body cars: not exactly
    few markets, like swiss and USA cars, could have some slitghly detuned carbed engines (different carbs, carbs or timing set up, exhaust, etc... but nothing major and easy to reconvert to full power and sound)

    the biggest difference arrived with the 5 liter F.I. cars and even there it is possible to get more power from the federalized cars with few mods

    -as for weight: cars got heavier with time
    lowbody S heavier than LP400
    S3 heavier than S2
    5000S heavier than S3...and of course the 25th is the heaviest of them all (no surprise since it has skirts; bumper, eletric seats...)

    -25th F.I. car is not quicker than QV carbed, not possible since it is heavier and has less power
    anniversary had few more kmh in terminal speed thanks to slightly better CX, but this is true for cars with same engine (carbed 25th VS carbed QV etc)

    still nice to read
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  9. Speaking of weight:

    Lamborghini states both the QV (Eu/ROW) and the 25th (Eu/ROW) as 1,490 kg (3,284 lbs) dry and 455 bhp.

    However the 25th (USA) as used in the article weighs in @ 3,400 lbs courtesy of the DOT & EPA components, so with 420 bhp I think we can all agree it's not as fast.
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  11. "The most rewarding part of it is just driving it"

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  12. I have all my US bumpers in a box, the weight difference matches my box very well.
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  13. Forgot to mention, yes you are quite correct, Automobili Lamborghini SpA tested and certified the L406 4-liter units for the LP400 at exactly 350 bhp at 7,500 rpm using a compression ratio of 10,5:1 but they are quick on the top end because that unit has to push less than 3,000 lbs.

    It's important though to view this in the context that the factory's rating is always based on a using the standard and somewhat restricted boxed muffler and the reality is that many cars were fitted with an open sports exhaust which means the additional 7% in bhp afforded by the derestriction is probably spot-on.

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