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Gallardo Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni

Discussion in 'V10 Lamborghinis' started by Rob Lay, May 16, 2022.

  1. I asked Michael Luongo, head tech at Norwoods Auto Italia what some of his favorite Lamborhginis were if he were buying. He mentioned the Balboni.

    Educate this Ferrari only snob, I'm intrigued. :D

    Early press said only 250 made, did that hold true?

    Only made 2010? What other Balboni editions have there been?

    Only E-gear option, any manuals?

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  3. All of them are e gear from what I have seen. Neat cars. I always wondered if Balboni actually had one.
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  5. Don’t agree with the video. One of the things I like about the Gallardos is the various choices. The Balboni was a nice gesture to the famed test driver who simply preferred the handling and purity of the two wheel drive. By the way, the TWO wheel drive versions such as my Miami Blue 550-2 coupe with the Superleggera carbon fiber package are considered more desirable than some of the other four wheel versions.
    Having owned a Ferrari 348 Spider and a Ferrari 360 Spider, I am thoroughly enjoying the Lambo.
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  6. I own an LP550-2. I'm an "old school" purist in I believe if one is going to own any type of performance/exotic/ sports car, they should have the training and be experienced enough to handle it without AWD and computers interfering. Part of the fun is being in control of the car, rather than it being in control of the driver. The 2 wheel drive version is designed for the driver that understands and desires this. As for the video, it's obviously from a sales perspective - and he leaves out one key piece of information - the great recession and stock market downturn happened in 2009 and dragged on for quite a few years. I would argue that this was more the cause for cars sitting than anything else. His point may have been well taken regarding pricing as I believe list price on mine was in the low $200's.

    The 2 wheel drive version is not for everyone, but will always be highly desirable to those buyers specifically looking for a more pure analog car.
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  8. awesome, thanks for the first hand experience!
  9. About 185x Balboni have been built, not 250x, the dealers network has troubles to sell them...

    After computing few of them ordered with manual stick, 9x or so for Europe and ??? for USA, CEO Winkelmann decided to have them all produced with E-gear... when I put an order at my Belgian dealer, the answer was "not any longer possible with manual stick, only E-gear", thus I skip it and bought a Lp 560 manual stick one of the 18x built for Europe.
  10. and Yes, he owns one
    orange with manual

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