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For sale 1987 Countach

Discussion in 'Cars' started by Chadbourn Bolles, Aug 2, 2022.

  1. I have decided to sell my 87 Countach never damaged in any way. Was going to be my race car has 409 cu in it.
    Wilwood brakes lot of new stuff plus all original parts go with car. $300,000.00
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  3. Are you able to supply some photos of the interior and exterior?
  4. Not familiar with your car, other than I think it is yellow. Seems cheap considering the market. Look at Bring a trailer for some recent pricing.
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  6. Asking offer looking in the $300 range.
  7. Wow...just wow.
  8. What is the vin?
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  11. Is that original paint?
  12. Looking at the door jambs, I'd guess the original color was black.

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