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Exotic Driving Drug Smuggler Myth - I-95 from Miami at 200 MPH...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by modena1_2003, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. "The US has three or four tractor trailers that are a science fair on board." The government has many more than that unmarked cruising the highways, and they are NOT full of science fair content....
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  3. Aaaaaaaaand, what are you saying... they're ALIENS!

  4. Sorry for the thread hijack, but...

    Thats what i was kind of thinking, honestly. "Dont let this thing out of your site!". Maybe the weigh station guys did get a little something, it was definately suspiscious.

    I can see that, but if thats true, this was a WAY UNDERCOVER operation that has money for cool undercover cars. I vividly remember the trailing car was definately a light blue/aqua BMW 3 series, I hesitate to say M series, but thats what I seem to remember. I have always been under the impression that that "secret government operations" use Ford LTDs or Chevy Caprices (ala Men in Black). :)

    At 1am? I guess if its hauling nukes or something, but this was pretty late at night.

    LOL Best explanation yet!

    James in Denver

  5. Knight Rider??

  6. You're not supposed to inhale the helium. Better luck next time.
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  8. Thats what that boat was built for
  9. This actually happened in louisiana the dude came over the bridge from Texas and he had a infrared windshield the cops got him with spikes
  10. do you have a link?
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    I've heard the same myth, only the culprit was driving a black Countach with black wheels, no lights, and night vision goggles, running from L.A. to Vegas. Gotta love the myths.
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