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Espada thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Front-Engined' started by lambomiura, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. If the Chassis, Engine and Gearbox are like delivered from the factory - all these numbers are written down in the factory records.
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  3. Please share the VIN, the Bertone Body and the engine number, I will let you know as I hold the period factory records
  4. #7042 was offered to me about 2 months ago.

    It is the 14th S1 made, bianco / nero.

    All original and matching numbers, but it is missing the rear grille of the vertical window.

    It was sold via dealer Italcar to aristocrat Marchese Talon back in 18/10/1968
  5. Hi Olivier,
    You were so kind to share the information you had in your files with me in 2016 when I started this restoration.
    I just looked up your email to me and found this you sent me..

    Builtsheet :

    Telaio #9234
    Motore #41273
    Bertone carrozzeria #943
    Colore : Oro / Testa moro
    Consegna : 27th march 1974
    Cliente : Lamborghini Inc.

    I'm finally getting the car together and started getting pictures of the numbers etc to make sure everything is matching.. Its been so long since we last spoke I totally forgot, or I'm just getting old..

    My engine is currently being rebuilt over at Gran Turismo Los Angeles, Giovanni Cusimano, and saw the engine block number which would be hard to see when assembled of course. Its matching. So much work these cars are to put back together properly.

    Is there any other information one could purchase on these cars for historical documentation etc?

    Thanks again for all your help.

    Best regards,
    Mike Kerns
    Venice Beach
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  7. Hi Olivier

    One more question.

    Where the engine block is stamped the engine number, underneath that stamp is another number. What does this relate to?

    Image Unavailable, Please Login

    Thanks for your time..

    Best regards,

    Mike Kerns
    Venice Beach

  8. Mike,

    L401 means the engine type generation

  9. Do you mean period owner's book ? parts book ? or do you have something else in mind ? like a Polo Storico certification ?
  10. Oliver 7042 sold for a bit over $100K a week or so ago. Also it had the rear grill for the vertical rear window.
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  12. Yes that is correct, when the owner forward me pics, it was a dark rear view in shade, reason why I wrote this...
  13. I thought it was sold on the BaT auction??
  14. It was.
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  15. Anybody have an idea what a 350,400,Islero,Espada, Jarama empty block weighs. Have to get one shipped, and they want the weight.

  16. 28 kg.... I got my block engine about 6 months ago !

    Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  17. Thank you, BUT did the Vino come with it:):)
  18. i
    it came later on....;)
  19. 7891 1970 40313 X750X0302X Verde acqua met. Test di Moro (brown) Originally to S.E.A. Auto in Rome, Italy on 21 July 1970.
  20. Marcel, The VIN is this 9880

    9880 1978 41542 X750X1224X Oro met. Senape

    The last delivered Espada. To Smelt in Holland, the Netherlands on 6 Dec 1978 finished in Oro Metalico/Senape. Last seen in the Netherlands in 1985 registered DK-54-XX. Presently in Germany.
  21. OK, thanks for the correction Raymond! Is it also the last one built?
  22. That depends on what you consider, chassis-No wise second last, last consigned, last chassis-no = 2nd last consigned.

    Glen did a tremendous effort and added all Production info into the ILR, Great Job.
    Thanks to this I was able to identify all swiss delivered cars, but still need to find them...
  23. Looking for a factory differential 10X45 or even lower if you have....
  24. 5 MBP found in a barn in the Lake District on the YouTube channel The Late Brake Show. Ownership is unknown

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