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Huracán DSG Gearbox Longevity

Discussion in 'V10 Lamborghinis' started by Robb, Jun 26, 2022.

  1. How reliable are the Huracan dsg gearboxes?

    Ferrari 458 and f12 are having seals and gaskets failing causing a $12k repair (that’s not guaranteed to work) or a full trans replacement at $30-40k

    neither option instills confidence.

    does Lamborghini have similar issues or are they bulletproof?

    thanks. Robb
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  3. I saw a YouTuber that had a Hurrican evo where the car would not engage gears other than second and when he took it to the dealer they voided his warranty and the estimate was 70k…

    I’m sure there was some other issues with the owner like drag racing, modifying, etc… but that’s also a non-sustainable bill on basically a newer model car.

    anyone know the guys / gearbox story? He didn’t really provide much info on YouTube.

  4. i saw that on youtube as well
  5. yeah it must have been modified to just switch to 2nd gear or gearbox might have been faulty.
  6. dsg gearboxs are very functional and don't easily damage, after all the huracan version is a more tougher model compared to the aventador
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