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Diablo pictures

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by dbaker89, Dec 4, 2007.

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  3. Originally blue afaik.
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  5. when you say catastrophic end, what happen to this Diablo?
  6. I had it for auction under the tent at Russo and steel
    A huge and unusual wind destroyed a lot of cars, mine included.
    Insurance made me whole, and then someone purchased the car from them.
    Every panel and was affected.
  7. thats to bad. A friend owned the car at one time.
    thanks for the reply.
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  10. The Malcolm Forbes Diablo wasn't too popular, last I'd heard it discussed (many years ago). It's aged well. I like it alot more, now.

    I remember when the tent fell. So sorry - that was a terrible shame. And Hagerty Insurance had a bad day.
  11. The Diablo will forever be my favorite car. I get giddy like a school girl anytime I see one (which unfortunately isn't too often) :(
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  14. I agree the 6.0 nose is not as interesting.. the front plate indentation looks horrible.

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