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Countach Tool Kit Thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Rossocorsa1, Oct 27, 2019.

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  3. #328 joe sackey, Jun 25, 2022
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    They are possibly correct-for-spec but they're not original, Sant Agata did not supply the cars with Gates belts.
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  6. #331 Rossocorsa1, Jul 27, 2022
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    A good price, in my opinion. It’s missing a couple things, but they are the easier things to find (belt and spark plug tool). I’ve never seen the S shaped tool in a QV kit. The gloves, if important to you, are extremely challenging to find and may take some time. Bag looks like it’s in great condition, from what I can see.
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  7. I had a late Anniversary 1990 with that same black screwdriver it was flat head and the yellow transparent had the Philips head.
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  8. Does anyone know if leather gloves typically came with 5000S toolkits, or did that practice start with Quattrovalvole's?
  9. Thanks for the info. Always interesting to learn new things.
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  11. The gloves came on all of the Lamborghinis that I know of. I opened up an original Jalpa tool kit, probably first time since it left Italy, on a friend's Jalpa. Yes it had gloves. I'll get some pics of it next time I'm there. Its was amazing.
  12. That would be cool to see. Thanks. Hope you’re doing well.
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  13. I'm not sure about the belts too. There are small signs which I see, which make me confedent to say the rest of this toolkit is 100% original.
  14. Perhaps the tool kits you have seen all had gloves in them, but the factory did not supply most LP500S kits with gloves, and only supplied the majority but not all QVs with gloves, all 25ths were supplied with gloves.
  15. Interesting. This Jalpa was a 1985. A one owner car, that somehow was 10 miles away from me.
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  16. Chrysler Corporation money :D
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  18. Chrysler standardized production so the supply of ancillaries was properly consistent.

    Certainly not a Countach kit or even a Lamborghini kit, this looks like the canvas with vinyl or leather lined tool bags used by Lancia or Alfa Romeo in the 60s.
  19. Its a Lamborghini tool kit and it seems indeed correct for a Silhouette. Attached a photo of the tool kit of #40020.
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  20. I think that during the dark days of the era of the Silhouette & Uracco, Lamborghini simply used kits from the aforementioned makers rather than make their own.
  21. Maybe but its correct for the Silhouette. Everyday we learn something new Joe...
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    correct, at least for the 3 liters V8
    need to check for the P250 and P200 Urraco
    even the tools seem to be consistant with the Urraco P300 and Silhoutte owners manuals pics

    Lambo used a lot of Alfa and Fiat parts but i never seen an Alfa Romeo toolkit exactly like this one and i cannot understand why lambo should have used 60's Alfa tools for late 70's cars
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    If you look in the first 4 pages of this thread, there are a number of images of LP400S toolkits inclusive of the unique denim bag that was most common for that variant. Given that era and the challenges Lamborghini faced inconsistencies were very likely.
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  24. looks a Ferrari kit to me
    i had seen a countach sold with a Ferrari toolkit once...including Ferrari branded tools

    probably owner had both cars and mismatched tools with cars
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    Yes, I agree these are correct for the Silhouette, I'm pointing out that Lamborghini sourced these tool pouches from elsewhere as opposed to making their own which they mostly did for the Countach, perhaps the latter is something new some can learn.

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