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Countach Tool Kit Thread

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Rossocorsa1, Oct 27, 2019.

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    The pieces seem more in common with a 5000S kit (mainly because of the hammer), though, given the inconsistencies with Lamborghini in that era, I don’t doubt at all that it’s a QV kit. That said, the most common thing I have found to be the case with most 25th kits are yellow translucent screw drivers (see photo). Regardless, seems like a very nice kit and a great opportunity for someone needing one. Just needs original gloves and a little cleaning up. As time has passed, the original gloves have become the most difficult to find. Obviously, being that they are were made of leather, many who weren’t cared for exceptionally well ended up deteriorating from exposure to poor environments.

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  3. What would you guys say is the fair market value for a toolkit without gloves at the moment? 5000QV
  4. Would depend on condition and if all the other pieces are intact, and the bag was original in good condition. Range would likely be $5000 - $12,000. If it was in pieces with many missing parts, disputed originality, etc. - than much lower. Happy to look at what you have if you want a more thurough opinion. Just ping if you like.
  5. I’m still waiting patiently for my anniversary toolbag
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  7. Waiting? Does someone owe you one or supposed to deliver one to you? It took me literally years to find all the ancillaries I needed.
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  8. I wish
    I just keep searching my little circle for one.
    So, nobody owes me anything. I do want one so should one present itself that is complete or close to it, I am ready to purchase
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  9. Keep vigilant. I'll continue keeping my eyes open for you.
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  10. It always amazes me that the cars and tools get separated, and more to the point, where they do end up when separated from the cars.
    Perhaps one day someone will stumble across the warehouse where all the toolkits from the Lambos, Ferraris etc are all stashed, and a happy reunion will take place!
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  12. Agreed. For all I know I bought my own tool kit. The sad reality is, most, if not all of these kits that surface for sale were stolen.
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    This tool kit for a 5000S is available. If anyone is interested, I am happy to put you in touch with the seller. I am not involved in this sale in any way. Just trying to help.

    It’s an interesting kit. I have never seen a square Philips bulb and fuse case, so I’m not certain if that is original. It is also missing the leather gloves and a belt. Some 5000S kits also came with long pliers as well. Otherwise, it seems rather intact. If the bulb/fuse case bothers the new owner, there is a correct round case for sale currently in eBay.

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  14. Looks a good kit. That bulb box, never seen one like it before. Worth buying the kit just for that!
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  15. The bulb box is an odd one. When do you use a hammer, cause it looks used? :(
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  17. Makes me chuckle when I see metal hammers in kits. And those should be rubber or hard plastic with knock-offs.
    Me mind thinks it's there for frustration :eek: on the side of the road :mad:.
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  18. nice kit
    the square bulb holder is a first for me to!
    i have to say is correct brand and even colors are the most frequently seen on round boxes ...o_O

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