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Countach Tires - does anyone care

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by Longstone Tyres, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. My Diablo 6.0 VT that I purchased just over a month ago came with 00 date-coded tyres - they're gone now - the new ones arrived yesterday to be fitted while they're looking at some other bits and pieces. My Countach has 14 date-coded tyres, and I'm tempted to change those too. I only got it a month ago, and I don't know the exact conditions it was kept in (I do presume it was reasonably temperatured as he's a serious collector) however I am pretty sure it was not driven often, which scares me.
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  3. Age aside, get the new P7s, and transformative driving experience.
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  7. I beleive against all odds i think Lucas have just about managed to get there container of P7 tyres landed so please go shopping.

    And i think you will agree they are somewhat cheaper than the P-Zero that are avaialbe else where.

    Although i am a big countach fan i love that they fit such crazily wide tyres. My real love is pre war cars that are chain driven called Frazer Nash. just for a laugh and an amusing contrast, i thought i might post a film of me going up the Venasca Silver Flag hill climb back in 2017.

    in the fast bits i am going about 120mph on 4.5" crossply tyres. They aren't radial, they aren't low profile, and they certainly aren't 14" wide. Both cool, but in different ways.
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  8. Hi Dougal, do you know how often Pirelli will make a batch of the P7 tyres? How many did they make in the initial run. Why do I ask, well, I won't replace my existing P-zero's at this time, as plenty of wear and age left. But when I do, I would like to purchase the most recently made examples. Can you share your thoughts please?

    My thanks
  9. Oo i think some of those questions delve into industrial espionage. If i were divulge that sort of imformation i would be like Julian Assange. Pirelli would probably have to have me assasinated!

    To make a tyre cheaper you would make a vast quantity. But that doesn't work with what we are doing. They are only profitable when you sell them. and if i ended up with really old tyres that would be no good.

    To keep a tyre fresh ideally you would make a tiny batch every month, but that isn't going to work either.

    For me to look after the Pirelli Collezione range as best as we can, i will estimate exactly how many of a tyre size will sell per year, then sell exactly that quantity and repeat the same order at the same time next year.

    Well that doesn't quite happen either. But we do our best.

    The plan is that we will always have these tyres in stock.

    The plan is that i will not let these tyres get to 3 years old. i don't sell tyres that are over 3 years old (as a new tyre). Genarally speaking i manage to keep most of my tyres under a year an half. That is pretty good. you won't always get that with a modern car tyre.

    In that these weird size tyres we deal with, are controled in house by a small quantity of distributors around the world. that way old stock tyres never appear out of some shed somewhere and cause problems. Pirelli get accurate figures about the demand for these tyres, make the correct size batches and we can always service you guys properly, with fresh tyres at a sensible price. Which i hope we do.

    As well as providing you guys, the end users, with a good service. We also have to make it efficient and hassle free for Pirelli. Also it has to make Pirelli look good. I'm not allowed to tell you what quantities of these tyres are produced. but you can imagine, that the demand for a Ford Ka tyre is, i guess 50,000, times as big as the tyre that only fits on one axle of a Lamborghini Countach. you can imagine how much more hassle it is for to Pirelli to turn of a machine that is happily churning out profitable tyres like that, to have the machine down for a while while they set it up to make some weird size Countach tyres in a pifflingly small volume.
    But they do do it.
    And the tyres are great.
    and we manage to keep the stock fresh.

    I'm pretty confident that we should be getting a batch of these tyres made every year(ish). As i am pretty confident that they should always be in stock. However there will occasionally be the odd glitch now and again. We did have a glitch this year of about 3 - 4 months. That isn't completely the fault of Covid, but it is Covids fault that it was 4 months instead of one.
  10. Why can't I give two thumbs up?
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  12. Thank you for your service.

    You may have plenty of wear left on your P Zeros but consider that they are are a square-shouldered tire in a harder compound, and their resultant handling is infinitely inferior in terms of ride, grip and predictability to that of the new Cinturato P7s, in fact for safety reasons alone I'd go to the P7s ASAP, the verdict of the improvement of the new tire by all who have upgraded is pretty unanimous.
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  13. My new P-Zero's fronts have less than 25 miles on them and they are coming off getting sold or given away.
    My new P-zero rears never made it on the car.
    Sold the pair cheap to someone who is putting it on a Saturday Night circle track race car. That surprised me and made me smile.

    Currently, the rears are as I got the car. I think it was the 2002 batch (?). Don't remember the date code right now.

    As I have been tinkering with the car a bit, I have P-7's ready to go on at the appropriate time.

    So, in summary, I had plenty of wear left and as a matter of fact, I had no wear at all on 2 of them and I decided to join The Church of the Modern Day P-7. Can I get an Halleluiah? Can I get an Amen? :)
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  14. Preach the word!
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  15. Dougal, no one wants you shot, not unless you radically increase the prices :D Thank you for your informative post. I'm not a tyre guy so no intention to partake in industrial espionage just questions to a process of which I knew nothing about. I am now well informed and appreciate your candour. I concur that you have to make a judgement call on the volumes and sales and that only experience can guide you.

    It's fantastic that Pirelli are looking after the classic scene and producing tyres with upgraded modern materials and safety. The whole community of owners are grateful myself included.

    My best
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  16. Cheers Rob, Joe Sacky, Peter K and all.

    And a very Happy New Year.

    To celebrate here is the "Tentacle Dance" performed by my kids in the back of my Silver Shadow.

  17. I agree with Joe; you won’t know what you’re missing until you switch.
    The car will feel better, no doubt about it. Even at cruising pace you will feel an immediate improvement in ride comfort with softer compound. On my 400S it was also the first time I’ve been able to get the correct 205 fronts, which makes steering a lot more responsive.

    Worth remembering how difficult it can be to get even the PZeros at short notice, I look at it as now having the correct tyres on my car all the time, with the old ones being a set of “emergency” spares in the garage.

    No-one wants to throw money away, but life is too short to have a Countach without P7s!
  18. I just placed my order for a new set. :)

    Will report back after they arrive and are installed.

    can’t wait!

  19. Hi Mike. What size fronts are you putting on the car?
    I love the look of the look of the 205 but is it feasible on the later cars? Im thinking no but wonder if its ever been done.
  20. For folks that want to know. I got my tires from Lucas Tire in California. Tires are very new too.
    Date Codes are as follows:
    Fronts - 4819 (48th week of 2019)
    Rears - 3920 (39th week of 2020)

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  21. Just finished reading through the 18 pages and nearly 5 years, that this thread represents.

    When I get into car/restoration projects - invariably I am the one who has to lead, champion, research research research - but mostly - PAY - to get something that may ultimately solve the concern, but in my OCD mind isn't truly perfect.

    The situation with these tires right now - IS PERFECT. To ALL involved with the resurrection of the P7 for Countach but with modern DOT and improved materials - please accept my humble and most sincere THANK-YOU. I highly doubt that anything further in this project will be as easy and as pleasant, as solving this matter has been.

  22. Howard, it is good to see you voice your appreciation for the new series Pirelli Cinturato P7 Supertire.

    Dougal is the first person we should thank, I simply played a role of ensuring that both he and Pirelli came to understand the significance and need of the tire for the Countach. I think the thread is a story of persistence and commitment to the Countach community as a whole, I'm sure you also read that there was at least one owner who tried & failed to make a case that a new series of P7s was unnecessary and wouldn't be viable, we pushed ahead regardless.

    We were vindicated not only by Pirelli's decision to go ahead and manufacture but when the TV show the Grand Tour tested them in anger around the track on Harry Metcalfe's Downdraft setting a quick time (in the wet!), you simply cannot get a better endorsement of success than that.

    I gratefully received the first set in the USA which I am still using with pleasure.

    I can tell you the new P7s are transformative in the Countach driving experience, people using the old incorrect square-shouldered P Zeros experience sudden weight-transfer when the car is pushed in corners, and they ride hard, not at all ideal. The problem is, most Countach owners don't know the difference because by the time they acquired a Countach it came with PZeros. I was fortunate to drive my first few Countachs ion the track with P7s in the 80s, which left an impression that the P7 was the perfect tire for the Countach, designed as it was around the car's parallel-linked suspension.

    See below an image that illustrates what Countach owners used to go though for lack of availability correct-spec tires, PZeros on the rear, Yokohamas on the fronts!

    But never fear, the new 7 is here.

    Image Unavailable, Please Login
  23. Hi

    In that we do our best to keep the date codes on these4 tyres as fresh as possible, you can imagine it is difficult with tyres that don't fit many cars, we try to keep the batch sizes as small as possible, the knock on effect is we occasionally go through brief periods without stock, as we are at present.

    I have recently been told we will be getting our next delivery of the 345/35R15 P7 on the 24th of June.

    My interpretation is that it will be few days after that, These deliveries generally are leter than predicted. But the goo news is they are on the way and should have a 2021 date code.
  24. Excellent.
  25. Mine are delivered and will complete my restoration in the near term. Very excited.
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  26. Will there ever be a final run in the foreseeable future?

    I have a set which is yet to be put on the car. But it will go on. However, if there is a final run, I'll want the freshest set sitting and ready.

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