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Countach, the ultimate supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Aug 21, 2007.

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  2. I wonder if you can still find the original Emergency/Pace Car light cluster somewhere
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  5. Easily spotted by the body around the taillights. And much more. I'll leave the exhaust to speak for itself.
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  6. Agreed, kit.
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  9. I think the other one was recently sold and now this one is up for sale. Big price.
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    The 25th was sold last year, the LP400 now for sale.

    Speaking of LP400, as of today the award-winning LP400 1120220 is now SOLD, stay tuned...

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  11. Yours truly posing by this great looking Countach 5000 S VIN ELA12756. Displayed in class Future Classics & Supercars at the wonderfull even InterClassics Days of Elegance last weekend here in Holland. More pictures of this car can be seen at the, the second best website for Countach lovers!
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  12. Hi! i'm doing some research on Countach CLA12477 as i took some photos of it for the owners a couple of weeks ago. I do know its famous Monaco GP pace car past, and the fact that it was the first countach to have the 5000S logo. However i am curious about what owners it had in the US (it is my understanding that the first owner was Forsythe Racing), and what happened to it before it ended up in Spain.

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Checking now I recall Jerry Forsythe had two (2) Countachs, the other one was silver, both cars were offered to me by Mike Sheehan's European Auto Sales & Restoration, Costa Mesa, CA USA in the 1990s, I believe Forsythe was the only USA owner, and the car was never put through EPA & DOT compliance so when it came time to sell the car was auctioned by Brooks with the intent of selling it in Europe.
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  14. Keep up the good work Marcello.
  15. Hi Joe, thank you very much for the information, helps quite a lot when cars have only had one or two owners. I'll check with brooks to see if i can get the original auction listing. From what i've gathered the car ended up in the UK and got auctioned off by H&H in the early 2000's, im still working to get more info on that yet.

    I'm a member on other forums that i post regularly on (Ferrari forums and watches) and its always a pleasure to see members helping out new members, that's what i always try to do in other forums.

    (Checking now i see you've also sold 288 GTO 52743 which was in Spain for a while too)

  16. We've sold @ 20 GTOs so I don't remember them all but 52743 evokes fond memories as it is the Turin Salon GTO and we sold It to one of Apple's CEOs in California, it's actually on the Home Page of my website

    Meanwhile CLA12477 was definitely sold via Brooks Auctioneers in London circa 1997 as these images taken by David Bateman and posted to Marcel's brilliant Countach Registry show.

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    By the way, as an aside, the current owners should know that CLA12477 was supplied wingless by the factory and carried out it's F1 Pace Car duties as such, the wing was added either pre-sale to Forsythe or he added it, I think the former.

    I now recall Forsythe actually kept the cars in Mexico City where he has business interests and a residence and not the USA, which is how CLA12477 escaped USA DOT & EPA modifications (thank goodness). When Sheehan offered me the cars in the 1990s he explained this to me.

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  18. Well, with this then i'm just missing time period 1997-2005 approx, when H&H auctions answers my email i'll post what they tell me here. Thank you very much for the help.
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  19. I'm always surprised why they still have the concrete wall on the left looking that ugly like being wet.
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  20. Below area a couple photos of the one I had George Evans of Evans Automotive rewrap for me some fourteen years ago.
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