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Countach, the ultimate supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. 1074 (below) was not in the USA in 1989 and AFAIK never was.

    Also at the time of the 1989 Rex Motors Ad, 1074 had by then changed it's blue & white interior clearly seen in the October 1981 Sport Fahrer to an all-white interior, whereas as we can see the interior in the 1989 Rex Motors car is all-dark, possibly dark blue but more likely all-black. So too, from 1980 onwards 1074 had smooth white-painted Campagnolo wheels not silver Bravos, and, 1074 firstly had Vitaloni Sebrings then later Vitaloni Californians by 1989, whereas the Rex Motors car had Vitaloni Turbos by 1989. Lastly, the Rex Motors car had USA DOT side-markers, AFAIK 1074 has never had these.

    Conclusion, the Rex Motors Ad car cannot be 1074.

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  3. Hi guys, I have a question for all USA Countach spotters. Is it correct that Walter Payton's 1984 5000 S was dark blue? And if yes, could it be that the car was FLA12778?
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  4. Payton's Countach LP500S was definitely Bleu Acapluco just as FLA12778 which we sold was, but wether we are talking about the same car I cannot say.

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