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Countach, the ultimate supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. For me as well, be aware that a non running LP500 is already existing in Japan since years.

    But I understand Albert, he wanted to have a full line of Countach models so I think except the EVO and LP150 he has meanwhile all of them.
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  3. Is Albert on Lchat? Not the Albert that's been on here forever, is it?
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  5. That's not nearly a faithful model, the proportions of the Japan rendition are way off.

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  6. Below is a video of the non running LP500 in Japan.

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  8. I would be more excited to see the Wolf car.
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  9. I guess this one is settled…

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  10. #27733 Marcello, Oct 9, 2021
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    This is Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole FLA12829. Delivered new to Germany, exported to the USA, where it was converted by the famous Al Burtoni, c/o Milano imports to a high speed record racer! This awesome machine reached a top speed of 201.793 mph, setting a record for ‘C’ modified sports cars that remained unbroken for ten years. This must be the fastest Countach ever! Next to the car is John Temerian, who managed to get this special car to Laguna Seca to meet with all the other Countachs of the Countach rally organised by John and his wearecurated team, doing some parade laps on track! Another nice piece of Countach history added, thanks & compliments to John! More pictures added to my Ciao! Marcello
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  11. John’s the real deal. Great photo!
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  13. Lol. Idiot
  14. Perfect example of the typical idiot from his generation.. entitled, self centered, disrespectful and just all around A H*le..
    Of course there is zero understanding of history or value of art or engineering there.. way beyond his scope of intelligence even at an elementary level. The owner who lent the car is just as bad for not vetting the project or worse, being ok with it.
  15. Perhaps if he did not have the seat pulled forward just for the video.......
  16. Trying to be the next Doug Demuro.
  17. Guess my 78 is an lp400 :rolleyes:
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  18. Guess all LP400S cars have a lower power rating.
  19. REAL power figures are not the same as quoted
    never thrust too much old Ferrari and Lamborghini claimed stats

    400 and 400S are 300-320 real hp (same for miuras)
    5000s probably around 350 and 4v cars carbed around 400

    this for good cars and power at the cranck, numbers at the wheels are clearly below these numbers
  20. I didn't make it, just be glad the Countach 2.0 was not included, ;).
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  21. i know
    was just sayng the quoted outputs from factory should be taken as a "rough" idea ;)
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  22. I like this chart. It’s not perfect, but it is something that I show my family and friends (that are not Lamborghini aficionados) as a good way to show the production numbers of each series.

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  23. Someone should remake that chart/ poster.. add the sub models, S1, 88.5 etc, and correct the hp ratings. Probably not difficult
    for a computer graphic savvy type (ie not me)
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  24. Not really, the original LP500 show car started off on 15"s.

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