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Countach, the ultimate supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. He does, this purchased this car it's a S1 but much modified.

    I could be wrong but I always thought that car was 1120298
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  4. I think 0296 is here in the USA.
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  6. correct
    early LP400S car
    now being restored, sold him parts for it
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  11. I'm assuming and hoping for a recreation. Hopefully spot on accuracy. I know a recreation is not the same as the real thing but it is so much better than nothing which is what we have had for about 45 years. I am unbelievably excited myself.
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  12. Prepare to be underwhelmed…. Again
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  13. Looks like they had a great time. We were going to attend, but with Covid and other commitments, a bridge too far this year. However, some great rare metal there, the Vector for one and also a gorgeous Isdera Imperator!
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  14. Just leave the Countach alone.
  15. From what I am told, they are putting the seat in production again as a desk chair. Nah, I made that up.
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  16. A recreation by the original maker is interesting, however, because it is likely being built without the benefit of restoring the original, without spot on accuracy (which Lamborghini is not known for) it's legitimacy will be diminished.

    At least with the fabled Jaguar XJ13 which made a storied second coming, the wreck of the MIRA-crashed car was available as a starting point, and even then, Jaguar still issued a statement saying "The car that can be seen today is not an exact reproduction of the original".
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  17. Pics above have not been seen before. Taken 2005 in Yorkshire. If the current owner contacts me I have a few more and the negatives.
  18. Read what Lamborghini wrote. It paved the road to the future...."Now It Is Back On The Road"

    Folks, they restored what was left of the Prototype. And why not? We've talked about that car, on here, on and off for 20yrs about this topic.
    In the photo, could those be the very road that that car was testing on...........
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  19. I hope this is the case. But seeing as the wreck location or proof of life has not been seen for many years. It would be amazing if Lambo have had the car all this time?
  20. Indeed, but even building a 'toolroom' copy would be good - I hope it's not just a cosmetic look a like on a standard production chassis.
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  21. IF the original demolished prototype actually survived scrap, the chassis repaired/restored and a significant amount of the original components were used to piece the car back together for a complete restoration true to the original, than yes, that would be something very special. If it’s just a reproduction, please leave well enough alone.
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