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Countach, the ultimate supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Yes, esatto
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  3. In september 1987 we drove from Holland to the Lamborghini dealership Auto Kremer in Bonn, Germany. Hoping to see some Countachs of course! Welcomed by Dieter Kremer who was very kind to drive this Countach LP400 S low body out if the workshop for us, to make some nice pictures!! Silver with a bright red interior. And a large Bull sticker on the front hood. The VIN of this car is still unknown. Never saw it again! Check out all the Countachs built here at my Ciao! Marcello
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  4. The COUNTDOWN begins! Currently pending list for the Countach Rally in Monterey.

    Valentino Balboni Lead Countach

    Countach "Surprise"

    Countach LP400 Periscopio

    Countach LP400S Monaco Grand Prix

    Countach LP400S Rame Colorado

    Countach LP400S Rosso

    Countach LP400S Nero

    Countach LP400S Rosso

    Countach 5000S Nero

    Countach Downdraft Triple Bianco

    Countach Downdraft Blu Acapulco

    Countach 5000QV Nero

    Countach 5000QV Triple Bianco

    Countach 5000QV Triple Bianco

    Countach 5000QV Bianco

    Countach 5000QV Bianco

    25th Anniversary Bianco

    25th Anniversary Perlato Bianco

    25th Anniversary Rosso

    25th Anniversary Rosso Downdraft

    25th Anniversary Rosso

    Diablo SVR

    Diablo GT

    Diablo SV

    LM002 Rally Dakar Support
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  5. Impressive list John! Wish I could be there..WOW!!!!
  6. Any word of the “new” Countach tribute from Lamborghini to celebrate the anniversary? Build on the aventador chassis?
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  8. Your
    your video on Cladio and hisCizeta was fantastic , I recognize his passion and struggle for perfection , with financial reality breeding down his neck , thanks for putting inn the miles to let the world know his story. Car is amazing, and should be on top of the totem pole of super cars.
  9. Bravo John, would have loved to drive the Mimran Downdraft on this rally but when you're invited to the Pebble Beach Concours, they do not allow you to do any other events that weekend. Still, there will be more Countachs driving around that weekend than you'd ever see in Anytown USA!
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  10. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this, I have never seen the normally dispassionate Marcello Gandini so passionate.

    Basically what he says is, in 1969 man went to the moon, and soon thereafter the Countach was born.


  11. With English subtitles:

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    The previous one has English subtitles as well FWIW, meanwhile I met Marcello Gandini the day he signed our former Countach LP40 1120110, normally a fairly impassive gentlemen, his enthusiasm & excitement for the Countach come though in this film, a fine piece, I love the added graphic design representation of the NASA golden era and Gandini's representation that the Countach was inspired by space transportation, I never thought of it like that before. A unique perspective from the man himself.

    Incidentally the film features our former ex-Gene Boston LP400S S1 1121034.
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  14. For some reason they were't coming up on my iPhone. I see them now on my laptop, however.
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  15. The Classic - Silverstone
    Did you know that it's the Lamborghini Countach's 50th birthday this year?
    =AZXKtgWjbT7EeLDGRDgIAJwdyrCO6YfcxT3AuBWUdE6609Y6crrZfgEBYy4WDWOcUsp1DOJ7-sPzXuahe_Yvy0771ItBzv19PFx4OSHJQ4FfJl8FM2qi8x34-vAcSlgC0Im8jS-7EZXkJeAz8PONNuNCY1isC-5QgGcO6d3wYJb_c7OJ_kvDdA7nXGqCtrAxn7LTAxZuQhzFYnfViWrndIqk&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-y-R']To celebrate, a record turn-out of them will be at The Classic

    There is going to be a club stand and all the cars will be parked together at the Lamborghini Club UK stand.
    There will be other models there but I don’t know which ones as yet.
    There will be hospitality at the stand, tea coffee etc and there is a BBQ in the evening for which there will be a small charge.
    There is no track time as it ids a full race calendar so it will be a parade lap. Also being recognised on the day will be the 60th of the E Type, the Triumph Stag and the Delorean.

    If anyone is able to bring a car then tickets will be provided free of charge.
    All Countachs welcome, not just for LCUK members.

    If interested, please call Alan on 044 7557 471509.

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  16. Cool car. Would be fun if it showed up for the 50th over on the West Coast........
  17. It’s horrid. Please, someone, save this car and restore it back to how it should be.
  18. The massive lowering is terrible, but hey it does have gold wheels! lol.
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  19. A world class Lamborghini line up presented by John and Curated. Really great to see all of your success and the brand you have built over the last several years. Well done.


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