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Countach, the ultimate supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Clearly too much Lambrusco at lunch time as all the badges are on an angle
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  4. I pictured this Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole 88.5 during a Lamborghini Classic Club Germany meeting in Italy. May 2010. One of the best Lamborghini Clubs in Europe run by my crazy & funny friend Peter Wolf. This is #JLA12351, still with first owners, a lovely couple, opened up everything that could be opened for some nice pictures. Delivered new by SEA Sprung, Hannover, Germany. Bianco/Bianco, factory ordered Bianco wheels, just perfecto! More photo's and info @ my site, please check it out!
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  5. Love this.
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  7. That is very cool. Had not seen that before.
    Every time, a touch of sadness when reading the list of actors though
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  9. It’s Official! We are honored that Valentino Balboni, the one and only legendary Lamborghini test driver will be joining The Countach Rally at Monterey Car Week 2021. There is no one in the world more qualified and experienced than Balboni to lead the Countach Rally. 6 spots left, sign up today!!! Some VERY special Countach examples will be joining us. See you in Monterey! Email for more details.

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  10. Maestro!
  11. Our former Bianco Perlato DLA12562 reputed as the Paris Salon LP500S, I purchased this car out of a random storage lockup under a freeway in Northern California and proceeded to drive it everywhere over the next few years.

    Can't believe that was @ 25 years ago, fond memories.

    Here it is at the Greenwich Concours with it's current multiple-Countach owner.

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  12. I know the car from when it was in the western New York area.
    For a period of time it was owned by a Native American that went by the name Smokin Joe.
    He was a Tuscarora Indian that owned a gas station or two that sold gasoline and cigarettes to locals.
    The appeal was that it was cheaper than other places as it was free from NY State taxes because it was on the Indian Reservation.
    He went on to convert the old Niagara Falls Convention Center into the Gabling Casino pictured below.
    I was told that he had the car in the casino as a grand prize on a bank of slot machines.

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    DLA12562 has definitely had a storied life!

    Meanwhile I recall numerous trips I did in it from my location in the South Bay to Santa Barbara, Willow Springs Raceway, Carmel & Pebble Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego and the High Desert.

    It was reliable - except that one occasion when I was on the way to visit Jay Leno in Burbank, I think it was an alternator issue, I can't remember.

    I took this image circa 1995 in Palos Verdes, California.

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  15. Another interesting Countach I purchased was 1120110, this car belonging to a gentleman who had just purchased a new Ferrari Enzo (to give you the idea of the timeline). When we met to discuss his selling the LP400, despite my protestations, he insisted on only accepting what he paid for it many years before, which was $95k. Incredibly, this was not the only LP400 I purchased for $95k, but alas the other is a story for another post. Come to think about it, 95 must be my lucky number as I also purchased a Miura SV for $95k, but that's a story for another thread. Anyway, 1120110 which started life as a Rosso car was fun to drive, I recall taking my son to basketball practice in it, and using it to pick up an endless list of supplies for the house. Fun fact - I was there the day Marcello Gandini sat down in the passenger seat and signed the dash. I took these images across from the secret Italian Vineyard in which I imaged the one-off Miura Roadster and which will make a location reappearance soon.

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  16. Last in this trip down memory lane is our former LP400S S1 1121038 whose restoration we guided.

    The thing I remember most about this car besides it's stunning livery and original Wolf-Dallara adjustable rear wing is what a riot it was to drive, loud and uncompromising on the road with it's low suspension.

    It exists today in what surely must be the world's most prominent Countach collection.

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  17. Stunning example
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  18. these wheels :)
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