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Countach, the ultimate supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. You mean the one you can almost see out of ? :D

    Naa, QV for me. Besides in a Countach you only care what is in front of you, not what you have left behind!
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  3. I'm surprised not to see some input from Joe Sackey re my question on the front winged Lp500S. If one knows about Countach history it is usually him.☺ Any info Joe?
    As I assumed all these U.S. conversions were done around the same time hence all Lp400S. Therein lies my confusion and surprise at coming across this U.S. Lp500S front winged car previously unknown to me. Looks gorgeous either way.
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    Sorry, I have lots going on so sometimes I miss posts or simply don't have time to add information.

    USA conversions were done to LP400S and some LP500S spanning a number of years, no confusion necessary.

    CLA12512 speaks for itself, the front wing is a post-production application based on a design by ACI (Automotive Compliance Agency) to try and meet USA DOT mandates by using winglets to act as bumpers, which was adopted by a handful of different compliance agents across the USA.

    At least a dozen (12) cars or more received these mods, I'm confident there are as yet undiscovered examples that will come to light, CLA12512 being an early LP500S, is one of these, bear in mind this car was delivered to Germany, then re-routed to the USA, where the mods were performed.

    As always, it's important to point out that the front wing has nothing to do with Lamborghini, it was not aerodynamically tested or down-force efficient, and was ineffective as a front bumper also, being loosely attached to the car as it was.

    It's application also means the bodywork has unfortunately been crudely cut and altered.

    To most Countach aficionados nowadays, this car has 3 wings too many, most buyers request a pure car like the one below, so the only question that remains is, how much will it cost to put back to original guise?

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  5. Thanks for the info Joe, top stuff as usual. I never knew there were front winged Lp500S. Fascinating I'm a purist through and through, but my 1 and only weakness is this front wing, as I am of the Cannonball run generation. I'll never forget turning to my mate in the cinema in 1981 during the opening Cannonball credits. Open mouthed and blown away and declaring what in the hell is that!!!! Not having been aware of such a thing as a Lamborghini at the time. That was as powerful to me as the Star destroyer opening scene in Star Wars. Even the name Lamborghini seemed exotic and mysterious. I have been a Countach fanatic ever since.
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  6. Do you mean CLA12515? That’s a right hand drive car.
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  8. My very own RHD car too, I must have it on my mind, fond memories, I actually meant CLA12512, corrected.

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  9. Is this forums chat where people just rant about how good the countach is... :|
  10. Please go away and stop bothering us. And take some English lessons.
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  11. ?
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  14. ...obviously...?

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