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Countach, the ultimate supercar

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Supercars' started by joe sackey, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I guess you mean OB-ZZ1,this is #034. Do you have more photos of OF-RH1?
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  3. Recently, Classic Driver published an article about Countach L150.

    Some parts of the history mentioned are new to me (and seem to conflict with what is said in the youtube-interview discussed earlier?) such as the brief ownership of Patrick Mimran. Maybe Mr. Miura is looking to unload part of the collection.
    Also, with respect to the recent discussion of there being a carburated version of this car, there is a funny mixup of photos complementing the article :)
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  4. Fascinating
  5. As regards the mixup of images I think you're referring to, the image of the Downdraft engine in the article is clearly from Mr Miura's carbureted 25th Anniversary which is imaged sitting next to the L150.

    As regards the line in the story that "Mimran ended up giving the L150 as a parting present to himself before stepping down as CEO in 1987", this is false, Patrick never owned this car, in fact Lamborghini SpA owned it till January 1989 (almost 2 years after Patrick sold the factory to Chrysler) when they re-applied the bodywork for Project Tipo 150 (the original factory model designation for this car) onto a Fuelie renamed L150 and wholesaled it to their premier dealer Achilli Motors in Milan.

    To be clear, Project Tipo 150 was authorized in late 1985 by Patrick Mimran as an intended ultimate Countach variant featuring new aerodynamic body styling aimed at a higher top speed and better cooling, lighter, simpler more rigid chassis with more cockpit room, tuned Downdraft engine mounted 80mm lower in the chassis lowering the center of gravity, new in-board push-rod suspension - as tested at Nardo by Valentino Balboni (the subsequent L150 that sits in Japan has none of the aforementioned attributes).

    The idea was to launch the Project Tipo 150 at the 1986 Turin Salon in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Miura, sadly this didn't happen for a number of reasons, the project was abandoned, and the bodywork used on a standard a Fuelie named the L150, wholesaled to Achili Motors and eventually sold to Japan.

    At no point did Patrick take ownership of either car, I've spoken to him about this.

    Project Tipo 150 and the L150 derivative are not to be confused with the subsequent. composite materials chassis dubbed Countach Evoluzione and known internally as Project Tipo 126 was designed by Rossario Vizzini and Horacio Pagani.

    See below Valentino Balboni testing the Downdraft-engined Project Tipo 150 in the spring of 1986.

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  7. So, to be clear, the downdraft version either doesn't exist anymore, or its whereabouts are unknown?
  8. Correct.
  9. A fun quote in Automoblog on the 50th Anniversary of the Countach:

    "The Countach was a design and performance explosion that basically re-wrote what a sports car could be and set a new benchmark for what was cool enough to put on a poster "
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  10. I will have to check out my archive and sent them to you.
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  12. Excuse me ma'am, can you move out of the way, please?
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  13. Or just turn around and check the air pressure in the front left tire. Looks a little low.
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  14. Stunning Triple White Countach 5000QV we recently sold. Chassis HLA12168, 1987 USA specification car with 6,000 documented miles, stunningly preserved with its original Pirelli P7Rs. We sold the car to a design aficionado and tech entrepreneur, whose passion for collecting has evolved into a new obsession with the Countach!

    My apologies for not posting or updating content lately. I promise to do so!
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  15. Last month we purchased the outstanding Arancio on Bleu LP400 Chassis #1120200. Upon arriving to Miami our dear friend Olivier had the car sold!

    Fantastic restoration performed by Cremonini in Italy many years ago, we will definitely miss having this Periscopio in our Miami showroom.

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  16. countach perfection
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  17. fantastic, stunning looking car.
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  18. Doesn't get any better than that combo
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  19. An orange SV Miura would be an ultimate stable companion.
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  20. 2021 marks exciting times for the Countach, we have sold a record number of Countach examples (7 cars) in the past 3.5 months. Many of these "new to Countach" and passionate collectors will be joining us at the Countach Rally this August. Formal announcements to come in the next week!

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  21. Well done John, always good to see new blood come into ownership. Your passion shines through and it's great that you are an advocate of the model and brand.

  22. Huge compliment. Thank you for the kind words!!
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  23. engine on this car was restored by Giancarlo in Italy
    i helped with some parts on this restoration

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